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The Australian People's Refugee Visa

List of Endorsements 801-900

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801. Caron Passmore, Warnbro WA

802. Andrew Passmore, Warnbro WA

803. Mathew Passmore, Warnbro WA

804. Suzanne Passmore, Warnbro WA

805. David Passmore, Warnbro WA

806. Dr Paul Hwang, Oxford/Boston/Sydney NSW

The rights of refugees and asylum seekers are protected under international treaties and conventions to which Australia is a signatory. The most important of these is the UN International Refugee Convention, which requires host countries to treat asylum seekers with dignity and respect while their claims for asylum are being analysed. The current policy contravenes these principles, and has caused considerable damage to Australia's reputation as a fair and just nation.

Every investigative group that has visited detention facilities, including the government's own advisory body, have expressed grave concern at conditions in the centres, and particularly the risk of abuse and psychological harm to those being held there. The latest and most authoritative report by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, released in May 2004, has cited numerous cases of physical and mental abuse, and has called for the immediate release of children from detention.

Even for those who are released from detention, the practice of issuing temporary visas offers no chance to establish a permanent, secure future. TPV holders have limited rights (see above) and can be deported back to their country of origin at any time the government chooses. Living in this state of limbo further contributes to mental and physical health problems.

By 'contracting out' responsibility for detention centres and denying the public and the media access to them, the current policy obstructs public scrutiny and diverts accountability. The question "If there's nothing to hide, why is the government so secretive about the centres?'' has never been answered?

Australia is a nation built from and by immigrants. From the English Settlers, the Southern and Eastern Europeans to Asian and African immigrants, Immigration is a crucial element of Australia's modern history.

807. Tanya Wood, Ferny Hills QLD

808. Corinne Salmon, Mandurah Ocean Marina WA

Wonderful document!

809. Jane, Perth WA

810. Tim Ramm, Adelaide SA

811. Robin Awaldin, Clayfield QLD

812. Riley O'Brien, Student, Redcliffe QLD

Everyone has the right to feel safe, and to be treated fairly.

813. Rowena Hammond-Darmanin, Mt Gambier SA

Think of the Children! And the Mental Health of those who do not see Nature!

I sat in a lecture of someone who has seen these awful places first hand and I cried. My heart cries still. We tell them in our National Anthem that 'we have boundless plains to share' and then lock them up.

I understand that we need to be sure that each person is not taking advantage of Australia and will act in the best interests of the country, but there are suggestions to make this easier for the innocent. Do something about it today, Or we will all have to stand around in fifty years saying, OOPS! Sorry!

If they were just being jailed they would fair better mentally knowing that they will one day get out. This way it is there is NO HOPE!

I am sorry to the innocents that believe that they are escaping their country's terror to land in this HELL!

814. Sara Wade-Vuletic, Canberra ACT

815. Monique Sweep, Chelsea VIC

816. Steve Mellor, Woodvale WA

John Howard's Australia is not the Australia I want to be a citizen of and his values are not my values. This document represents the real Australian spirit.

817. Louise McNamara, Two Rocks WA

Australia has always been about giving a fair go. We all need to speak out about these terrible policies, and give asylum seekers a Fair Go.

818. Lauren Ainslie, Perth WA

819. Maureen McGrath, Albion Park Rail NSW

I have read the Visa Document and fully endorse it. Would that our politicians could have the moral fortitude to make such a document the basis for their policies on refugees. Once more I might feel proud to be an Australian.

820. Steven Richards, Perth WA

821. Daphina Dixon, Guildford NSW

This site is a ray of hope in what seems like a very uncaring Australia and world at times.

822. Ky Alecto, Macksville NSW

Considering we are all immigrants the treatment of refugees seems ridiculous, not to mention cruel and embarrassing on an international level. I am ashamed of this government!

823. Mandy Tannouri, Geelong VIC

824. Sean, Geelong Grammar School, Corio VIC

We should be less cold about letting refugees in.

825. Emilly, Geelong VIC

Not often am I ashamed to be called Australian, but when conversation comes up about our Government's treatment of asylum seekers .... I truly am ashamed. Great to see organisations like this one creating awarenesss among the Australian public. There are too many people, especially young Aussies that don't know enough about what goes on in detention centers. To get passionate we have to be informed. Keep informing, and hopefully someday .... Australia will be the sympathetic, respectful and understanding country that we should be.

826. Dani, Northam WA

827. Mandy Tannouri, Geelong VIC

828. Oliver Hort, Lismore NSW

Fair go for people everywhere, not just the rich and lucky. It doesn't take much effort to help change the lives of people who have lived through and still live with incredible hardship and tragedy.

829. Linda Harrison, Sydney NSW

830. Anita Joseph, Parramatta NSW

831. David Hornsby, Fitzroy North VIC

832. Kirra, Brisbane QLD

833. Antonis Symeonakis

1) It is more important to fight against the conditions that create the refugees than to try to support them;

2) Climate change sooner or later will create a huge number of refugees and we are not ready to support them;

3) We will not be strong enough to support refugees, if we do not first fight against the nationalists. We must limit their social and political power;

4) It is shameful for a country of migrants such as Australia, to violate refugees' basic rights.

834. Sonja Vukovich, Perth WA

835. Richard Pinferi, Hobart TAS

836. Dr Anina Rich, Researchers for Asylum Seekers Sydney NSW

Researchers for Asylum Seekers support The People's Visa document - and look forward to the day when our Government follows these guidelines!

837. Liam O'Donoghue, Various Anarchist Collectives, Wentworthville, Western Sydney NSW

838. Lisa Mantscheff, Lismore TAFE, Lismore NSW

839. Julie Deakin, Newcastle NSW

It is quintessentially Australian to arrive here by boat with the a*** out of your pants and some mongrel pointing a gun at you. Everyone who ever arrived here was a refugee.