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The Australian People's Refugee Visa

List of Endorsements 201-300

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201. Annah Evington, Byron Bay NSW

202. Neil Campbell, Melbourne VIC

let them ALL in; plenty of room here.

203. david mackinnon, Labridog family, Angaston SA

It's a matter of simple hospitality and a response based on recognition of neighbourliness not fear

204. amanda jennings, bellingen rural australians for refugees, Bellingen NSW

205. Margaret Cherry, Brisbane QLD

206. Peter Tacke, Bilambil Heights-Tweed Heads NSW

207. Rod Smith, Coffs Harbour NSW

This dreadful treatment of asylum seekers by the Australian Government must stop.

208. Heidi Moss, Melbourne

We are thinking of you!!!

209. sabine holt, World's Biggest Hug for Peace, Wollongong NSW

210. Catheryn Lewis, Refugee Action Collective, Canberra ACT

We also need to think about an amnesty for all asylum seekers who have escaped, so they can be let back into the system once we have ended Mandatory detention.

211. Sabrina Symons, Sydney NSW

I want the razor wire fences down. Now.

212. Darian Clark, Canberra ACT

213. Julia MacDonell, Canberra ACT

214. Hidayat, Australian National University, Canberra ACT



216. Wendy Eden, Natimuk VIC

217. Bhavani Stoddart, Canberra ACT

I'm so sorry.... please forgive us.

218. John Ringland, Canberra ACT

219. Sally Dawson, Canberra ACT

220. Jane Keogh, Hackett ACT

The lack of respect shown to asylum seekers in Australia is inhumane and unchristian and demeans every Australian.

221. Sarah Gowty, Canberra ACT

Compassion is not a burden. In Australia we are fortunate to live in peace and are free from persecution. What right do we have to deny others the same.

222. Harvey Arden,, Washington, DC USA

223. Bubee B. Bulbenik, Master Clown/AKA Steve Bissell, Clowns of the World Unite, Fort Bliss, Texas, USA

Clown ministries are praying for the situation in Australia. Pray for peace in our world. I'd like to help with the Christmas event, if possible. If I can't be there, I could produce a video conference program to help with fill time in between musical acts. Let me know at or write the Million Dollar Clown, PO Box 6844, Fort Bliss, Texas 79906-0844. A member of Clowns of America International, Inc. since 1972.

224. Maree Fieldes, Sydney NSW

225. Patrick Edwin Cooley, Coquitlam CAN

I am a Citizen of Canada

226. Frankie, Labrador

What's so special about a nation that was BUILT by the SAME foreigners that it won't let in. Who do "aussies" think they are ... aussies!!!--) quack,quack, wrong answer, there's no such race. Wether Poms as "aussies" call them or Wogs, WE are also part of this country. The sooner people in this country realize that the race is here, it has arrived, all the other countries have been accepting refugees for as long as they have been looking for SAFE havens, but the GREAT aussie lifestyle (whatever that means) managed to: 1/ shoot at a ship carrying refugees; 2/ put them in any place as long it was not here; 3/ smile while all of it was on T.V. .... they will keep on coming to Australia because there is no other place to go, i.e. on the GLOBE! So since Australia does not own the Globe it will end up with people that need a home on this Globe, the Globe that Australia is a part of. In the meantime those "aussies" that PRETEND to be goverment officials should be selling olives down at the market.

227. Michelle Pitman, Horsham VIC

We can only remain great amoung the giants of the western world by humbling ourselves before the agony of the afflicted individual.

228. Rosemary Photopoulos, Gosford NSW

229. Chris Chaplin, The Greens (Victoria); RAC Vic. Preston VIC

This is a great People's Visa! I hope the 2nd draft will also honour the original custodians of this land & acknowledge the welcome many indigenous elders have extended to us original "unauthorised immigrants" and their descendents.

230. Joan Miller, Cooloongup, Rockingham WA

Wish the Gov. thought this way.

231. melody edwardson, Brisbane QLD

232. Sharon Duthie, Northcote, Melbourne VIC

One detainee at Maribrynong Immigration Detention Centre told me "I experienced physical toture in my homeland but this psychological torture of uncertainty is much, much worse."

233. Matt Hamon, Adelaide SA

It's only a matter of time until something must be done!

234. Grace Gorman, Melbourne VIC

235. Lyn Freeman, Perth WA

I endorse this Visa.

236. Tas Michael, Bridgetown WA

When the first europeans occupied the swan river colony here in what we call western australia the supplies of food ran out months before the next ships arrived. The local tribe rather than seeing them as a threat generously sustained them with local food. What a lack of decency and gratitude we have shown! Why are we so afraid of people who seek a better life here now? Welcome to all people who come here to seek asylum.

237. Gnari Michael, Canberra

238. Ms Meg Curtain, Wellington NSW

I am ashamed to be called an Australian

239. Ramesh ~refugee~ Sri Lanka, Colombo

240. Amanda Frizzell, Umina, Central Coast NSW

241. Pat Feehelly, Bannaby NSW 2580

242. Mohammed El Sharifi, Islamic takeover of Australia, Liverpool NSW

Free all muslims now

243. Grace McCaughey, Newstead VIC

Well done Jack. We are winning this war against Howard & Co.

244. J Lindsay, individual, Sydney NSW

A great dream, a compassionate Australia

245. Martin Borg, Sydney NSW

246. Kate Stavert, Katoomba NSW

247. Maureen Keady, Sydney NSW

I am working for an end to mandatory detention and to the so called Pacific solution.

248. Gregory Wilmot, Sydney NSW

Little Johnny the Howard doesn't want to play with those dirty smelly Afgani children, (the archbishop said he'd go blind). So he asked his dad Sir Philip of Roddockland to send them all to the Wommering Pit of Infinite Queue Jumping.

249. Andrew Burley, Burwood VIC

250. Sara Saint-Saens, Mullumbimby NSW

251. Eric von Nida, Scarborough WA

It is so strange having grown up in Australia, to suddenly feel ashamed of the way our government is treating refugees.

252. J. Moss, Melbourne VIC

I am glad to see all the endorsements of the document but how I wished there were a lot more. Since Tampa I have been awakened and I feel so much pain and shame on how we treat refugees. I am embarrassed but I know the ache in my chest and throughout my being cannot be compared to what these poor people are suffering in my own homeland. I want it to be their homeland too and I want it to be the best it can be for all of us who live on planet Earth. I dream that things change soon for our refugees, in the meantime I would like to say that I am so sorry.

253. Celia Harris, Sydney NSW

254. Michelle Everitt, Adelaide SA

255. Marietta Elliott, Melbourne VIC

256. Anne Simpson, Bellingen Rural Australians for Refugees, Urunga NSW

257. Gillian Pechey, Maleny QLD

thanks for keeping the protest going

258. Rebecca, Adelaide SA

The Government's actions towards refugees are totally inhumane. I consider Ruddock to be a terrorist!

259. Rachel Goff, Lakes Entrance NSW

260. National Alliance, USA

Australia for Whites only... [?]

261. Janine Quine, Brisbane QLD

I whole-heartedly endorse this document. Reading through it made me feel even more ashamed at our treatment of the refugees. Surely our efforts will bear fruit soon.

262. Kate Arciuli, Newtwon, Sydney NSW

263. Bruce Schubert, PeopleSkills Counselling, Parkes NSW 2870

go for it!

264. Philippe Moreau, RAC Sydney NSW

265. SALLY STEVENS, London

266. Leisa Robinson, Hornsby NSW

267. Paul Pritchard, Hobart TAS

I don't know how John Howard can sleep at night!

268. Cathy Sullivan, Tasmanians for Refugees, Lenah Valley TAS

269. Mary Sexton, Canberra ACT

270. Michael Evans, Armidale NSW

Thank you for drafting this easy-to-read statement of our aspirations to justice and the rule of international law in refugee affairs.

271. Lynley Aldridge, Hurstville VIC

272. Helen Eager, Clifton Hill, Melbourne VIC

273. Alex McWilliam, Refugee Action Committee, Canberra ACT

274. Paul [surname removed], Epping VIC

275. Margitta Acker, Canberra ACT

276. Roger Chao, Blackburn VIC

277. Kathryn Trass, Sydney NSW

278. Susan Pasmik, Granville NSW

279. Catherine, Launching Place NSW


280. Kieron Michaels, Sydney NSW

281. Jo Errey, Sydney NSW

282. Margaret McMillan, Tasmanians for Refugees, Hobart TAS

283. G. H. SCHOREL-HLAVKA, may justice always prevail - Rosanna East VIC

We do not protect our country by hysteria and fear, but by showing common sense and show compassion to those in need.

284. Tanvir Kazmi, Roseville NSW

If Mary and Jesus had asked for Asylum in Australia John Howard would first have said that Mary deliberately endangered her child, then locked her up and then invited some Zionist to give talks vilifying her and her beliefs. After all she would have been an Asylum Seeker from Middle East.

285. peter abolfathi, Adelaide SA

286. Sophie Divliaev, Como WA

I urge everyone to write letters, send emails and make phone calls. We must fight the apathy and ignorance plaguing Australia every step of the way. Do not let the powers that be sweep this under the carpet! In the end, we will all be held accountable for our actions and inactions.

287. Isaac Larbi, Accra, Ghana

The world belongs to us all.

288. David Fitch, London, UK

289. Ben Holden, Accent Rehabilitation Service, Sydney NSW


290. Angèlique Richardson, Batemans Bay NSW

I am ashamed.

291. MengYang Wang, Adelaide SA

292. Joseph Heffernan, YouthLink, Perth WA

There is no doubt that the major political parties used the issue of refugess as the major focus at the last Federll election. There has been so much crap and lies thrown around about the need to detain people, and this needs to be counterbalanced with the basic human rights of individuals.

293. Tina Ellen Richardson, RRAN, Refugee Council, Denmark WA

294. Gaby Lott, Rural Australians For Refugees, Bodalla NSW

I am only 11. I am Australian. I am angry. How can John Howard sleep at night? I am disgusted at our government. We are meant to be advancing, not going backwards. We need a media release on Tampa Day, 26th of August if anyone is interested ... I feel very strongly towards all refugees, but feel helpless, what can an 11 year old do?

Gaby Lott, Bodalla NSW

295. sarah jane rutherford, one love for all, Perth WA

perhaps more specifically solution based document, where instead of mandatory sentencing, sustainable living communities, instead of bureaucrats processing refugee forms what about employing those with a background in immigration ... perhaps intiating university units in immigration (like in social work, law), and suggesting more input into IT so those processing forms have current information on global conflict through a system that daily examines the world's media (as objectively as possible) and that also looks at sectors in australia's economy that needs employment.. directing individuals with their individual talents towards industries of need... but hey super initative!

296. Matthew Stott, Perth WA

297. A. Kent Kingston, Adelaide SA

298. Jim Norman, Orange Refugee Support Group, Orange NSW

I am ashamed of the un-Australian way in which our government has manipulated the so-called "crisis" to further its own political ends. What price leadership? What price compassion? What price truth?

299. Marie Bonne, RAR, Castlemaine VIC

300. Dale Webster, Hobart TAS

We need leadership on this issue, not tired sad White Australia rhetoric. When will our PM wake up for his 1950's slumber.