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The Australian People's Refugee Visa

List of Endorsements 101-200

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101. Annah Evington, Byron Bay NSW

102. Karin Chai, Ecumenical Social Justice Group W S Inc, Brisbane QLD

Absolutely necessary!!

103. David Lovejoy, Byron Shire Echo, Mullumbimby NSW

104. Cecily Briggs, C & C Intercultural Projects Consultancy Sydney NSW

105. Tony & Anne McLeod-Nibbs, Albury-Wodonga RAR Albury NSW

This country has been built on all migrants efforts, so we should not fear a continuation of this process.

106. David Rivers, Melbourne VIC

107. Michael Jones, Sydney NSW

Which side of the razor wire are the criminals on?

108. Christopher J. Fama, Brisbane QLD

109. Natalie Davey, Saltwater Projects, Melbourne VIC

We must change the current inhumane approach to people who have fled here in search of a peaceful and safe existence.

110. Ken Peak, Eltham VIC

Stop Mandatory Detention now - we need to get all the children out of detention

111. mary sculthorp, Balmain, Sydney NSW

We have left humanity behind in all this thuggery

112. sara mitchell, Sydney NSW

viva refugee visa

113. Adam Eldridge, Sydney NSW

114. meg foley, Buderim QLD

we do care, we want to help

115. Sammy Ringer, Maleny QLD

116. Colin Steward, Neutral Bay, Sydney NSW

117. Theo Mackaay, Perth WA

We need to make this a people's movement.

118. Joan Anne Miller, Rockingham WA

I feel helpless. What I do is not enough

119. Tui Hill, CSAHS Sydney NSW

120. Kieron Michaels, Sydney NSW

121. Howard Guille, National Tertiary Education Union, Brisbane QLD

122. Klaas and Aafke WOLDRING, Republic Now! - Pearl Beach NSW

Great idea

123. Dorothy Veldman, Labor4refugees, Myrtleford NSW

Congratulations to the movers and shakers! We all need to stand up and be counted on this issue!

124. Colin Long, Melbourne VIC

125. Sarah McCarthy, Sydney NSW

126. Julie Browning, Sydney NSW

127. Kathleen Schinkel, Sydney NSW

128. Petra Ladwig, Buderim QLD

129. Brenda Turner, Sydney NSW

I am not australian but until something is done about the outrageous treatment of refugees I am ashamed to even live here.

130. Jane Cameron, Fisheye Design Sydney NSW

131. Annie, Sydney NSW

132. William Mason, Hornsby NSW

What happened to our compassion?

133. Leisa Robinson, Hornsby NSW

My Refugee Song is here (go to SONGS)

134. Margaret Clarke, Newcastle NSW

135. Sherrie Cross, Sydney NSW

I am deeply ashamed at the Australian Government's cruel and inhumane treatment of asylum seekers.

136. Sandra Handley, Sydney NSW

137. Meg Sherval, Macquarie University, Sydney NSW

138. Katherine Sherring, Sydney NSW

139. Carolyn Agocs, North Sydney NSW

140. TERESA AGUSTIN, Manly Catholic Social Justice Group, Fairlight NSW

141. Robyn Boyd, Jindera Via Albury NSW

142. Dr Rosemary Ashton, Sydney NSW

Australia has very strict health requirements on applicants for permanent residency. These should not necessarily be applied to refugees. For many reasons refugees may be expected to have a greater burden of illness. We should aim to help them through these problems before making a final assessment of their "health checks".

143. Paul Hyam, Adelaide SA

144. Sigrid Borke, Melbourne VIC

145. Sarina Greco, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne VIC

146. Tim O'Connor, Bondi Refugee Support Group Sydney NSW

147. David, Melbourne VIC

It is a national disgrace, the way the asylum seekers have been treated, especially the children overboard fiasco

148. Kim Leach, JAFA (Just And Fair Asylum), Sydney NSW

149. Robert Hart, Craigieburn NSW

I live in shame at being an Australian Citizen at the moment. saddled by a racist government on one side and a gutless and cowardly opposition on the other.

150. Tanya Moir, University of Queensland Amnesty International Group, Brisbane QLD

Here's to a more compassionate approach to refugees and asylum seekers.

151. Mark Cutler, Topix Toronto CAN

152. Alex Salmon, resistance Fremantle WA

153. Rungula Rae Cottam, Fair Go, Waikiki WA

Is it Justice or Just Us?

154. Rohan Vora Brisbane QLD

excellent document

155. Sarah Holland-Batt Bardon ACT

156. becky ashby Brisbane QLD

157. barbara ashby Brisbane QLD

human rights is for all!

158. Melissa Lovell, Amnesty Group University of Queensland, Brisbane QLD

159. Matt Howe, Canberra ACT

160. megan smith, Brisbane QLD

161. Narelle Oliver, Brisbane QLD

162. John Skelton, Brisbane QLD

163. Terrica Strudwick, Yeppoon QLD

164. Chris Condon, United Nations Student Association (University of Queensland) Brisbane QLD

165. Josephine Yan, Brisbane QLD

166. Mary Dimech, Sydney NSW

167. Rosemarie, Sydney NSW

168. Grace Gorman, Melbourne VIC

Hurry up! Insanity sets in very quickly.

169. Angelika Dunker, Garran, Canberra ACT

170. Debbie Hewitt, Brisbane QLD

171. Joyce Christie, Balmain NSW

172. Praveena Gunaratnam, Sydney NSW

173. Rosie Scott, Sydney NSW

174. Miles Rider, North Rockhampton QLD

175. Zoe Cebuliak, Amnesty International, UQ Division, Brisbane QLD

176. Joe Debattista, Brisbane QLD

"For those who've come across the sea, we've boundless plains to share ... Advance Australia Fair"

177. Anne Junor, National Tertiary Education Union Sydney NSW

The concentation camps must be closed

178. Yves De Deene, Queensland University of Technology - Amnesty International LG-159 LG-405, Brisbane QLD

Peace and love to all the people that flee their country for human rights abuses

179. Frederika Steen, Romero Community Centre, Brisbane QLD

Has this been emailled to all fed pollies

180. Komla Tsey, Brisbane QLD

I agree with the content of the Discussion Paper: The Australian Peoples Visa

181. Ginger Briggs, JAFA (Just and Fair Asylum), Sydney NSW

182. Melissa Thomas, Homebush, Sydney NSW

183. barbara cameron, Sydney NSW

184. Sarah, Sydney NSW

185. Lisa Lloyd, Burleigh Heads

I am disgusted and ashamed by the current government's policies

186. Matthew Creasey, Adelaide SA

187. Rowan Kolasa, St Kilda VIC

188. Nigel Barker, Wiesbaden

189. Jo Maree Coghlan, shoalhaven refugee action, Bomaderry NSW

190. Vanessa Macauley, Northcote VIC

191. Phillip Eric Parsons, Deloraine TAS

192. Cloud, Lismore Rural Australians for Refugees, Kyogle NSW

How awful that private citizens should be having to lead the way. I thought that's what we elected 'leaders' for. But since they're mostly a useless, self-centred bunch initiatives like this have become essential. Love the humanity embodied in this document.

193. Phil Reynolds, Lismore Rural Australians for Refugees, Kyogle NSW

I endorse this discussion paper wholeheartedly.

194. John Allan, Lismore NSW

In signing this petition I assert that people have a right to be treated with dignity and compassion. As this is also attested to by many international covenants for the great mass of humanity, it is even more valid for those seeking refuge from violation of said rights.

195. Debra Miles, Townsville QLD

196. Graham Green, Sydney NSW

197. Peter Jones, School of Social Work and Community Welfare, James Cook University Townsville QLD

198. Jean & Jeff Jordan, Eltham VIC

199. Naomi Doessel, Brisbane QLD

200. Tony McMahon, School of Social Work and Community Welfare, James Cook University Townsville QLD