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The Australian People's Refugee Visa

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701. Tricia O'Connor, Right To Life, Truro, Nova Scotia

Hi, I found this very interesting and important. I want you to know that I talked about this issue in our Global Geography class today. Jesus gave His Life to show a more excellent way. We have lost sight of His Way, His Truth, and His Life. We must turn our eyes upon Him again, and He will give the power over death and hell.

702. Karyn Payne, Townsville QLD

Wonderful, very much an all-encompassing statement. It would be wonderful if all Australians were able to read this, and possess its values.

703. Ms Louise Megaloconomos Congo NSW

704. Alan Frakes, Light worker, Sydney NSW

705. Susan Grant, Private citizen, volunteer, Kensington NSW

706. Shriram Adhikari, Kathmandu, Bagmati INDIA

707. Rajan Daniel, Westmead NSW

708. Rachael Lahiff, Coburg VIC

I am horrified by what Australia does in my name to people seeking asylum. It is an abomination. I fully endorse the Australian People's Refugee Visa document as being an expression of my views as an Australian citezen. Let us fight to make this public policy in 2006.

709. Laura Cunningham, Sydney NSW

Well done. I hope Mr Howard reads this site too. The Government treats refugees abominably - we can (and must) do better!

710. Salah, Lyon, France

711. Isabel Ross, Arundel QLD

712. Susan Fiona Miles, Mt Tamborine QLD

An excellent document.

713. Subhada Das, Beaconsfield WA

714. Hr Korelage, Werribee, VIC


715. Bruce Robertson, PSA, Bronte NSW

716. Elias Symeonakis, Shenton Park WA

717. Betty Birskys, Warana QLD

57 years ago my husband Antanas was one of the DP refugees who came to Australia and were welcomed here (on the whole, although my father would not go to our wedding). It was largely a male migration; many of the men married Australians and had families, my husband died three years ago; he would be shattered to see how we treat refugees now. I cannot help thinking of Nazi Germany when I think of Australia, now. What did Cardinal Niemuller say? 'I said nothing when they came for the gypsies, I said nothing when they came for the Jews, and when they came for me they was no one left to speak...'

718. Ann Fraser, Melbourne VIC

I have read and agree with the above letter, and a I am disappointed in the government's treatment of refugees.

719. Dean Uink, Swan View WA

No one gave little Johnny authority to treat people in this way. His advisers know no more than the rest of us, they are in a priveleged position, and clearly it has gone to their heads. All the people of Australia should be deciding on these important issues and Johnny and the other tosses can go back to being the wimpy people they are and having the absurd ideological notion that everything is fair and equal in Australia and the rest of the world. Great Draft.

720. Victoria Branson, Perth WA

What a huge difference this document could make to the lives of refugees.

721. Amy Jasper Brisbane QLD

722. Vic McEwan, Sydney NSW


723. Rebecah Skye Furze, Richmond NSW

Sounds great, let's hope that Australia will one day soon, become a country we can be proud to be a part of.

724. Louise Cross, Atherton QLD

725. Nikki Welsh, Leopold NSW

726. Suzanne Allen, Sydney NSW

727. Frances, Brighton VIC

I am learning about refugees at the moment in school, and what we are doing to them is atrocious. People are soo racist. They don't even consider things the hear the word REFUGEE they think "NO!!, they shouldn't come here"... But in fact, Australia is made up because of refugees. People from Ireland, England, Israel, India, PNG, France, Poland, Germany and so on. So, think about where you came from before you say DON'T LET THEM IN AUSTRALIA THEY ARN'T AUSSIE, because none of us are except Aboriginals and even they were once refugees.

728. Victor Sidorenko, Canberra ACT

Even if these Asylum seekers do not have a legitimate claim to be allowed to live in our country, it is not our right to have them forcefully detained in such appaling conditions for such long periods of time.

729. Belinda Coates, Ballarat VIC

730. Dianne Tavakoli, Project SafeCom Inc, Perth WA

well done

731. Alice Drew, Prahran VIC

732. Michael Hunt, Morwell VIC

I agree completely, send the people home - - - I mean leave them here!

733. Chris Stall, Sydney NSW

We need mandatory detention as a means of policing entrants into our society. However, the conditions refugees are kept in are inhumane and need to be addressed. Mandatory detention should not apply to children.

734. Sapphira Toh, Indooroopilly QLD

735. Jan McDonald, Canowindra NSW

736. Mandy Kiely, Perth WA

I wholeheartedly agree with everything in this discussion paper. the suggestions should be implemented asap.

737. Simon Tufrey, Armidale NSW

738. Jennifer Tranter, Carrara QLD

If only this document could be a reality!

739. Dan Music, Melbourne VIC

That's more like it!

740. Laura, Canberra ACT

741. Gemeda, Addis Abeba, Shewa, Ethiopia

742. Robert Burtonclay, Catholic Parish, Tallangatta VIC

These people are beautiful gifts ... and they need this country to unfold them, enrich us all and above all, come to know the joy of who they are. Thank you for this opportunity.

743. Dayle, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

744. Gemma Walker, Perth WA

745. Rosemary Horton, Anglican Australian, Perth

746. Halinka Rubin, Fitzroy Learning Network, Melbourne VIC

747. Jonathan Bentley, Canberra ACT

748. Jacob Mills, Sydney NSW

How can the Australian government possibly leave these people out in the cold? When they have nothing? Why aren't we treating them like humans not animals?

749. Dian Moncrieff, Casino NSW

750. Norm Bernard, Brigadoon WA

So Georgiou and Moylan it's REBELS you are,
Now tainted and branded in our media.
The bulk of your party likes children in jails,
Treated better they'd be if instead they were whales.

So REBELS you be, not in step, not in fashion,
Daring change laws, include truth and compassion.
Don t worry dear REBELS, your cause we applaud,
You fed Me, You clothed Me are words of the Lord.

Amanda and John prefer kids behind bars,
Not Judi and Petros, they're no REBELS, they're STARS.
On this issue alone if you stick with John Howard,
Be happy to wear, classed a fool and or coward.

Cross the floor when you vote, there's no ifs and no buts,
PROVE you're a TRUE BLUE and you ve still got the guts.
That way we can stay proud and not be a failure,
Show the whole bloody world, we are FAIR AUSTRALIA.

751. Lyn Prince, RAR, Christmas Island, Indian Ocean Territory

Luv it! Down with with mandatory detention. Down with John Howards disgusting lies. Educate in schools the truth about asylum seekers.

752. Anthony Richards, Toronto Canada

If anybody wants to come, we welcome asylum seekers in Canada

753. Robert Gunter, Red Hill VIC

I like to think I can hold my head high as an Australian. We must not avert our attention from the injustices perpetrated by our selectively legalistic Conservative Federal Government.

754. Jan Fraser, Adelaide SA

755. Anton Kajlich, Maleny QLD

756. Dianne Horsburgh, Kuranda QLD

This government's treatment of asylum seekers is shameful.

757. David Jones, Perth

Treat the refugees fairly!!

758. Frank Golding, Kensington VIC

I was locked up for more than 10 years as a child becuase the authorities disapproved of my parents. Have we learned nothing about this crime against children?

759. Tracey Taylor, Kipparing QLD

760. Marina Leeman, Roselands NSW


761. Anne Foston, Frankston South VIC

762. Tracy Barakat, Miranda NSW

I am glad to be able to sign this document because I feel ashamed to belong to a species which treats its poor and underprivileged like chattels to be bought and sold. I feel privileged to be able to something however small to help. "Everybody counts or nobody counts".

763. LMA Welfare Office, Lebanese Moslem Association Sydney NSW

764. Eman Dandan, Sydney NSW

765. Eliane B, Canberra ACT

766. Nikola Balvin, Researchers for Asylum Seekers, Melbourne VIC

767. Ellie, Sydney NSW

Everybody has a right to be free. Nobody should be locked up. They have done nothing but want to be free from a war-torn country so they can live in peace ... and this is their treatment! Why is this happening?!!!!

768. Claudia, Sydney NSW

Refugees should have equal rights because we are all the children of god

769. Georgia Orr, Sydney NSW

Everyone has rights, don't bag them out

770. Jill, Sydney NSW

771. Mario van Antwerpen, Mt Gambier SA

772. Angus Roland Holliday, Townsville QLD

773. Mark Bonte, Melbourne VIC

It is wonderful to see the support of this document by the number of signatures. I do hope the rest of Australia can find a love of humanity.

774. Tarryn Thompson, Murwillumbah NSW

775. Ella Hemsley, Perth WA

776. Kara Smith, Bendigo VIC

777. Patrice Vallet, Croydon Park NSW

778. Tarek, Haifa, Israel

779. Lulu Kenzig, Africa Connect & Pearl Children of Uganda, Yanchep WA

Grew up in the area - am involved with refugees and others who are treated so unfairly and sent back with no reason other than they don't have enough money ... So much wasted talent and gifts, and no understanding. The immigration staffer has a bad day and 'bam!' - stamped and refused; forever lost in the wilderness of trying to get into our lucky (albeit ignorant) country....

780. Jacinta Ewers, Adelaide SA

This is a great idea. It will go far, and I hope it does. Good luck :)

781. Rachel Fitzpatrick, Lawyer, Melbourne VIC

782. Luke Piotrowicz, Newcastle NSW

783. Tim Marshall, Broken Hill NSW

My Father, Frank Golding was treated for many years in sub-humane conditions in an orphanage as a child. Through his stories, he made me aware of a child's pain and suffering. I wish for his sake, and those of children worldwide, that their pain should not be kept a secret or continue. We in the twenty-first century say that we are civilised? Come on guys! How can we turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering of children? Equality and fairness for all. United we stand, divided we fall.

784. Catherine Halmai, Gold Coast QLD

Put the energy into rebuilding the lives of these affected victims!

785. Rachel Hackwill, Canberra ACT

786. Jordan Amor-Robertson, Perth WA

This is a just and compassionate alternative to the current situation

787. Anne Martin, NSW Education Sydney NSW

As a compassionate Australian I can no longer tolerate the way our government treats people in detention and those seeking protection from injustices in their country of birth.

788. Dr Jan Elliott, Mosman NSW

I fully endorse the Visa Document

789. Katrina Weinrich, Mount Martha VIC

I am so ashamed of this government's treatment of refugees who come to this country. I hope that one day soon we have a government who will embrace refugees who come to this country and treat them with the care and respect that they deserve.

790. Corrina McNamee, Perth WA

791. Yulanji Bardon, Brisbane QLD

792. Jack Singh, Sydney NSW

One thing that amazes me is that the refugees of previous era's want to keep new-comers out!

793. David Booth, Free Bywong, Bywong NSW

794. Sam Abercromby, Santarem Portugal

Everything has changed from being a great fair country to the latest state of "the united disgrace of america" ... could it be that this Prime Minister Howard ... was brainwashed while he slept at the White House? ... How did you all let him take you on the terrible path that he chose for you?? Were you all sleeping in the great down under dreamtime?? Fostered out of your minds?? God help you if one day you are refugees ... !

795. Mary Lazdins, Queensland University, Brighton QLD

This is the mindset the government should have! The current treatment of refugees is completely contradictory to our ideas of a fair go and innocent before proven guilty.

796. Caitlin Gilheany, Melbourne VIC

797. Meegan Cooper, Brisbane QLD

798. Rajan Daniel, Westmead NSW

799. Nerida Jones, Herne Hill VIC

800. Vera Shaul, Burnside SA