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The Australian People's Refugee Visa

List of Endorsements 1-100

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1. Leonor Gouldthorpe, Migrant Network Services, Palm Beach NSW 2108

It's a terrific document, I fully endorse it.

2. Debby O'Brien, Armidale Justice for Refugees, Armidale NSW

The Armidale Justice for Refugees (a branch of RAR) agree to all of these proposals.

3. Stephen Mansfield, Sydney NSW

4. Anne Goddard, Bundaberg QLD

I am one Australian who would be very proud to see this visa document become a reality for the Government of Australia. Close the Concentration Camps. Recognise our responsiblities and give Australia back her dignity, Freedom for Asylum Seekers!

5. Kim Stewart, Animal Liberaton Queensland, Brisbane QLD

No one should be caged, no one shuld have to suffer more than they already have.

6. Natalie Goddard, Aged 13, Bundaberg QLD

I will be going to Woomera at Easter with my mum and little brother, Scott, we are making toys for the refugee kids, and we will give them these visas too. We think our it is horrible the way they are being treated.

7. Kathryn Kang, Sydney NSW

I endorse the draft Discussion Paper, 'The Australian People's Refugee Visa', and look forward to the day when a people's government of Australia will issue such a document to asylum seekers, turning its promise into a reality.

8. Julie Vellacott, Brisbane QLD

9. Nicholas Bestevaar, Brisbane QLD

Sounds good to me.

10. PIP SHEA, Boat People Tactical Media Group, Sydney NSW

11. Dr Attila Danko, Daylesford VIC

12. Robin Easton, Koala the Wild, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

I was very pleased to see that Chris Ayres, Solicitor of the High Court of Australia and Supreme Court of NSW and Qld. had the courage and honesty to sign the Visa Endorsement. I am deeply moved and proud of him and all the other Australians who have pulled together with courage and strength to speak out against the hideous treatment of refugees. After the events of Sept. 11 in my country, and the way my government responded to those events, it warms my heart to see so many of the Australian people responding to the refugee situation with human decency and "good old outrage." I honor you Australians who have spoken up for what is decent and right. I want you to know that you are setting an example for other countries like my own. Thank you for doing what we all should do.

13. Trudie Irle, Beerwah QLD

14. Barbara Devnie, Sydney NSW

Don't give up

15. Steve Georgopoulos, Morpeth NSW

Great initiative - will present the compassionate and fair side of Australian's psyche.

16. Sue Bond, Brisbane QLD

17. Rene Grypma, Prospect SA

No concentration camps in Australia (or anywhere) please.

18. Rebecca Meyers, Melbourne VIC

19. Erika Stahr, Indo-China Refugee Association, Clayton South VIC

20. Patrick Byrt, Campaign Against Injustice Towards Local Indigenous Nations Adelaide SA

21. Howard Traite, Troy

22. David Stahr, Clayton VIC

23. Dr Rowena Ryan, Darebin Community Health Reservoir, Melbourne VIC

24. Sue McGrillen, Ascot Vale Melbourne VIC


26. Anna Swanepoel, Socialist Alliance, Fair Go For Asylum Seekers, Adelaide SA

I also offer my home and hospitality.

27. Sarah Hoyal, Refugee Action Coalition Sydney NSW

28. Brian Jackson, Project Safecom, Rockingham WA

"Do unto others" etc etc

29. Maxine, Rockingham WA

It is truly a sad state that people can sit back and let this happen there needs to be a totally new way of thought instilled into those who feel that we should just send them back we need a whole new government

30. carla imbruglia, Sydney NSW

31. Roslyn Leary, Melbourne

32. Manu Dubin, Sydney NSW

33. John Murphy, Brisbane

34. craig kelly, Clayton VIC

35. Jonah Haines, Adelaide SA

36. Sarah Tansey, Wollongong NSW

I am ashamed of my countries treatment of refugees. This must stop immediately.

37. Ian Sutton, Mackay QLD

38. Brian Jamieson, Elizabeth Bay

39. barry jones, Mackay QLD

We demand human rights for all not just the rich

40. Martha Goldman, Cairns QLD

I am ashamed of what the government of Australia (including the Opposition) is doing in relation to asylum seekers. Mandatory detention must end.

41. Sally Purcell, Central Coast NSW

I have been distressed by the actions of our government and appalled that the asylum seekers was made a major issue in the election campaign and that using this issue the government were successful in being returned. I felt saddened to realise that many people, had been, unwittingly, manipulated by their own government in ways that we, in Australia decry when we witness these methods being used in other countries. I related strongly to Rick Farley when he stated, last year, that for the first time in his life he felt ashamed to be an Australian.

42. Gordon Jones, Light Worker Gold Coast QLD

Evil can only exist if good men do nothing

43. Linda Rose, Brisbane QLD

44. Andrew McPhee, Albury NSW

Our treatment of the refugees is apalling and it makes me ashamed to say I'm an Australian, Mr Howard and Co have brought shame on us.

45. Steven Stevenson, Collingwood VIC

Time to stop the racist torture.

46. Betty Daly-King, Armadale, Perth WA

47. Scott Croll, Newtown, Sydney NSW

48. peggy giakoumelos, Sydney NSW

49. Kane Saxon Mortlock, Real Christianity, Wollongong NSW

"Truly I say to you, if anyone keeps My words, he shall never know death." -JESUS (John 8:51)

50. Karen Bonte, Scarborough WA

51. Anne Bonte, Mentone VIC

52. Callum Fairnie, Perth WA

53. Rodney Wenink, Sydney NSW

This petition correctly places the idea of an 'illegal' asylum seeker as a farce, in accordance to the references given. These conventions were put in place for a humane reason, understanding the experiences to which these people have endured here, and in their countries of origin. I encourage all to sign this petition. P.S. for my knowledge, is there any links to the actual conventions mentioned in this petition. It would be appreciated.

54. Davey Heller, Melbourne VIC

Free the Refugees!

55. Glenn Capps-Jenner, Sydney NSW

I support anyone that wants to help these people that seek freedom. If I could do more to help I would certainly do so, what we need is some compassionate leader that could see that these people are and would be a benefit to us as a nation and multicultural society.

56. judy hodgins, Garran ACT

the government needs to view this situation with more compassion and not stand by the present situation because it appears to be a votecatcher.

57. Amanda Vella, Sydney NSW

58. Mishko Desovski, WOG ART MAGAZINE, Sydney NSW


59. Sana Al-Ahmar Raby

60. Diet Simon, Noosa QLD

I want to stop feeling ashamed of my country.

61. Mary Adams, No Gods No Masters, Adelaide SA

close the camps

62. Claire Richardson, Strathfield

63. Chris Albany, Saint George's Church, Paddington NSW

It is time we let Asylum seekers know what the people think. What a great initiative.

64. Cheryl Sewell, Sydney NSW

65. Michael Miller, Canberra ACT

Welcome mats not razor-wire

66. Mark, Adelaide SA

67. Mark Opie, Adelaide SA

68. Paula Pfoeffer, Sydney NSW

69. Matthew Turner, Adelaide SA

Stop the Lies! John Howard you are "un-Australian"

70. Amanda Camp, Adelaide SA

Close ALL detention centres, always process refugee applications immediately upon arrival, support refugees to move into the community. Australia takes only a fraction of refugees compared to other countries and does not compensate for this lack by adequately assisting other governments to alleviate poverty and provide peaceful stable societies of their own..

71. Shin Furuno, Brisbane QLD

let the shadow of shame be set on Australia until the refugees are treated in dignity, and Reconciliation be reached with Indigenous Australia.

72. Priyaratna Saraswati, Nelligen

73. Bronislava Lee, Artarmon, Sydney NSW

74. Robin Shannon, Sydney NSW

75. Marion Blair, Beaconsfield WA

Let us all remember the price of liberty is eternal vigilence. The actions being taken by the government contaminated all those taking part. Public servants, guards, community health workers everyone who knows what is happening and says nothing is also guilty. Close the detention centres in those isolated centres, Maybe put Ruddock and Howard and Reith inside.

76. Phil Kyson, Ipswich QLD

Are aussies so dum they don't even realize they're being manipulated thru lies from there own goverment,at outrageous taxpaier expense to keep that piece of shit, john howard the coward as p.m. and that morally bankrupt and hipacritical liberal party in power. As a true aussie I say sorry to those fellow human asylum seekers and hope one day you will see and be part of the real australia we all hope for.

77. Tricia McKinlay, Ipswich QLD

john, phil & peter, every mongrel dog has its day

78. Mary Meneth, Ipswich QLD

My heart go out to refugees I am ashamed of our goverment

79. Kristen Dawson, Adelaide SA

80. Dave Brown, Newcastle NSW

We are capable of so much better. I look forward to the time when we can be again the more humane, caring, compassionate country that we used to be.

81. Alex Bhathal, Melbourne VIC

82. John Carney, Melbourne VIC

83. Gareth W R Smith, Byron Friends of East Timor, Byron Bay NSW

John Howard said he would not want people admitted to Australia who threw their children in the sea. I do not want in government liars, cheats, truth twisters and con artists. I propose deporting Howard and his bunch of crooks to some isolated atoll.

84. Peter Walsh, Preston VIC

85. Jackie Campisi, Sydney NSW

end mandatory detention for asylum seekers NOW

86. Tonja Boyd, Kendenup WA

peace love unity respect

87. Tom Bertuleit, Research Labs of Australia, Welland

88. Carole McDonald, Melbourne VIC

89. Trevor Woodward, Sydney NSW

Courage in the face of adversity, determination, conviction of one's basic human rights, guts, enterprise and a desire to do better by oneself and one's family - Australia can only benefit from these qualities ... and they are coming in by the boatload. The more graciousness we show these people, the more of a positive contribution they will make to the country. Good on Mr Fraser ... as Ali G would say ... Rrrespect!! Increase da peace

90. Janice Macpherson, Rural Futures Network Nambour NSW

91. Cora Kelly, Sydney NSW

92. Helen Osborn, Strahan NSW

People of Australia care

93. Grace Gorman, Melbourne VIC

Sorry we couldn't just meet you at the beach

94. Paul Hayman, Catalyst Change Agents, Mandurah WA

95. Jan Sardi, Eltham VIC

96. Laurel & Edwin Lloyd-Jones, Franciscans/Elm Grove Sanctuary Trust, Bermagui NSW

Disgusted with governement's policy re refugees

97. Minn Kyaw (M.S.K.) Burma Solidarity Group, Malaysia (BSGM) Kuala Lumpur

"There is no plan to get peace. The enemy has a plan, though. It is that when they come we have to flee and escape. If we do not escape, we must die. That is the only plan. Because we are staying inside the country and we can't flee to another country, we can't do anything. We feel that we were born here, so if we live, we work and eat, and we die, it is finished. We can't do it any other way."

98. Geoff Crowhurst, Adelaide SA

99. Olwen Steel, fulltime private person, Albury NSW

not enough room here to say it all

100. Eva Sallis, Australians Against Racism Adelaide SA

This would make me proud to be Australian