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The Australian People's Refugee Visa

List of Endorsements 301-400

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301. Trish Amee, Adelaide, SA

I am thoroughly ashamed and embarassed by the actions of our government and even more horrified by the fact that so many people seem to support it. When it comes to refugees, I have never heard so many bitter, angry words from people who sit in the comfort of their loungerooms condemning these victims of atrocities that in many cases WE have supported. But I have hope, I see more and more people speaking out against this inhumanity and I believe the tide is turning. I just hope it's not too late for those still suffering in our detention centres. This is the visa Australia SHOULD have - a visa we can be proud of, a visa that will ensure refugees sing our praises to the rest of the world. I wholeheartedly endorse it and hope the day comes soon when it will be put into practice.

302. Robert MacGregor, Sydney, NSW

This conservative government is pure evil - racist, bigoted, war-mongering, environmentally and socially destructive - they are a threat to our nation - they are the terrorist threat to our society.

303. Jodie Coleman, CFMEU NSW Construction Division, Sydney NSW

304. Leah Sawkins, Narrogin, WA

John Howard is an embarrassment to all Australians. Let the refugees go free. It is not like we don't have the room.

305. Mary Dixon, Rural Australians for Refugees, Goulburn, NSW

306. Duncan Aldridge, Woonona

307. A Brit, Britain

We fully understand the plight of you poor ausies and how nearly all of you want a refugee visa so that you can leave australia - we would be more than happy to take you into to our wonderful country

308. Jerim, Victoria

im a strong believer in human rights and im 15

309. miles hurrel, Morwell, VIC

howard and ruddock should burn in hell for what they do to asylum seekers

310. Maureen & Les Harrison, Shepparton, VIC

311. Adam Gilbert, Perth, WA

312. Greg Marston, RMIT Brisbane, Qld

313. Diane Taylor, GRAIN, Geelong, Victoria

I endorse this document wholeheartedly

314. Daniel Boase-Jelinek, Shenton Park, Western Australia

No person can be free while innocent people are imprisoned.

315. Denise Tomizzi, Perth WA

When history looks back at these events, Australia and all Australians will be shamed. When our grandchildren ask us "Why did you let it happen?" what will we say?

316. Nina McEvoy, London, UK

I thought our Government treated asylum seekers badly, but Australia takes the biscuit! My fiancee is an asylum seeker here in the UK and the most wonderful man I've ever known. These are HUMAN BEINGS and should be treated as such!!!!

317. Francesca Meehan, Fremantle WA

Unless one is Aboriginal, we are all immigrants in this country. There being no such thing as an 'illegal immigrant'.... the journalists/newspapers could do well to take note and not propagate the howard govt's lie by continuing to use such hysterical, divisive and potentially libellous language - maybe the refugees can sue??!! Truth and liberty will prevail! For such a compassionate and humane people (in the main) what did we do to deserve such a 'recalcitrant' government?!? They'll go down, and not before time! - peacelovelight, Francesca.

318. Chris Robbins, Adelaide, South Australia

This is a document which shows the strength of our humanity against the shallow self interest of Australian political low life. Reading it has given me a greater faith in the people of Australia. How could I possibly not endorse this document.

319. Judith Watson, Melbourne

320. Santhini Kumaran, Hamilton NSW

When we treat even one other human being as less than human, we make all of humanity that little bit less human. Let compassion and a sense of justice guide our actions.

321. Bernadette Wauchope, Rural Australians for Refugees, Port Pirie SA

Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

322. Anna McCormack, Brisbane QLD

323. Melita Luck, RAR Kyogle, NSW

So heartening to read the ideal outlined here. I endorse it completely and THANK YOU!!!

324. Steven Bernhardt, Rural Australians for Refugees, Port Pirie SA

325. Sue Elliott, Fremantle WA

If we believe we can solve the refugee "problem" we can, the government does not speak for ordinary australians, it's only interested in getting re-elected.

326. Andrew Wauchope, Port Pirie, SA

Where are the statesmen in politics???

327. Carolyn Edmundson, Brisbane, QLD

328. Dr. Crisetta MacLeod, IwRAG (Inner West Refugee Action Group) Ashfield, Sydney NSW

329. Helen Lewers, Napoleons, VIC

Congratulations on a fine document. I hope I live to see the day when it is government policy. I hope the refugees live to see the day when it is too!

330. Sarah John, Adelaide SA

I welcome you all with open arms, despite what my government says.

331. Laura Ealing, Refugee Action Collective, Shoalhaven Heads NSW

332. Scott Rhodes, Labor4Refugees Sydney NSW

333. Sylvana Whyte, Christmas Island WA

Free children and women from mandatory detention now. No one can ever justify this form of treatment to women and children.

334. Carlee Rundell-Gordon, Deniliquin NSW


335. Uzoma Chidi, Miracle of God Charitable Organisation, Port Harcort, Rivers State, Nigeria

You will surely be rewarded by God

336. Margaret Hinchey, Convenor, Catholics in Coalition for Justice & Peace Enfield South NSW

Our membership ranges from about 30 & over and we support the work you are doing and value your efforts greatly.

337. Simon Ashworth Wood, Socialist Alliance, Amnesty, Oxfam, etc. Coffs Harbour NSW

I'm in favour of more freedom than even this Visa Document mentions, however, since it's far better than what the Australian government is doing, I'm signing it.

338. Helen Lewers, Napoleons VIC

It is my wish to see the Australian People's Refugee Visa enacted as official government refugee policy very soon. I hope all refugee support groups can coordinate their efforts effectively to bring this about

339. Josiah Davies - Liberian Refugee, Banjul (Gambia)

I am a liberian refugee in the Gambia.

340. Julie Sprigg, RRAN, Perth WA

It's an outrage that we should even need documents like this in a country populated mainly by immigrants.

341. Marilyn Shepherd, Amnesty/UNAA/RAC, Adelaide SA

Since the Tampa I have cried with shame and disgust over this worst ever government treatment of innocent men, women and children, especially the callous disregard for the 353 who died on sievx.

342. Pamella Morris, People for Peace, Perth WA

Our heartless and cruel treatment of refugees is something I never thought I would see in this country. The government, with its inhumane policies, has brought shame to our country, and sorrow to our hearts. Thank you for this excellent document - it is practical and compassionate. I am very happy to sign my name to it.

343. Christine Black, Eden NSW

Everyone is so busy chasing their dreams or simply trying to survive, we desperately need this coming together for our moral and spiritual future, and of course for the well-being of displaced persons and our whole humanity. In small country towns the need is even greater, for the isolation breeds fear and resentment and in turn makes people more vunerable to the lies and manipulation of politicians and the media. Thanks for this opportunity. The plight of the refugees and our moral demise never leaves my conciousness. I need put my convictions into actions.

344. Antonia Esten, Perth WA

345. Lyn Serventy, Leeuwin Conservation Group, Margaret River WA

346. Maria Fifield, Fremantle WA

All I ask is that every human being is treated as such, and compassion does not have priorities Mr Ruddock!

347. Robyn Clothier, Willunga SA

348. Dr Daniel Brown, Perth WA

349. alecia vandevelde, Perth WA

350. Jean Jordan, Melbourne VIC

I hope the draft will soon become a final version. I hope it can somehow be made available to all asylum seekers as soon as possible after arrival.

351. Guadalupe Rosales-Martínez, Queensland University, Brisbane QLD

352. David Morris, Perth WA

353. roger chao, blackburn VIC

354. Emily Patrick, Scarborough WA

355. Ann ElKhoury, Sydney NSW

356. Mark Bormann, Adelaide SA

I stand not by the people of my country, but by the people of the world. How can anyone be illegal? No fences, no borders. Freedom for all.

357. Jostein Kjoerstad, Sydney NSW

358. Dean Pluckhahn, Perth WA

I think it is disgusting that the government will cash in on Australia's reputation as a fair people for its own shortsighted ends. If we want to continue to be seen as the land of the free then we should act in a free and fair manner. Now when I travel overseas I have to defend Australia's reputation over things that I don't agree with. But more importantly how is our government going to negotiate a moral stance with other countries over important issues when our own moral credibility is being eroded by present day actions?

359. Giordana Cross, Adelaide SA

360. Steven Bernhardt, Port Pirie SA

361. Sandra Sondreal, Brunswick VIC

362. Carolyn Stewart, Melbourne VIC

363. marg beavis, Brighton VIC

364. Aldona Jones Melbourne, Australia

365. Tim O'Keefe, Canberra

I completely agree, the refugees should be freed and Howard should be thrown out of office.

366. roger chao, blackburn

367. Adam Bottomley, RAC Victoria, Melbourne

This is a great initiative and can hopefully ensure that the governement never again spiels that there are no alternatives to their ridiculous program.

368. Karen Mackay, Upwey, Victoria

Mandatory Detention is a barbaric practice and shames all Australians. I thoroughly support any strategy designed to support refugess in their struggle to make a new life in Australia. Thankyou for such an opportunity.

369. Alice Forrest, Moree, NSW

370. Ngamsuk Ruttanasatain, Peace Way Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand

371. Valerie Gearon, member of the human race, Albany WA

I fear that it is fervour over national boundaries which has always been responsible for the worst crimes against humanity. Nationalism breeds fascism ... every one of us is entitled to dignity, respect, and a safe and happy future.

372. Veronica Haccou, Rural Australians for Refugees - Bright, North East Victoria

373. Jennie Bain, Hastings Rural Australians for Refugees, Kendall NSW

374. Rosemary Chopra, Sydney, NSW

375. Janine Stuart, Woodville South SA

376. Caitlin Marshall, Brisbane, Queensland

377. Maureen Turner, Uniting Church, Toronto, NSW

378. Chris Daley, Sydney, NSW

379. Stephen Bennett, Elliott Heads, Queensland

Refugees are just that, refugees, not criminals, it's a shame no one has informed *Razorwire Ruddock* and *Heartless Howard the Coward*.

380. Rachel Stewart, Ipswich, Queensland

381. Allan Jackson, Higgins, ACT

In the name of humanity, you are welcome.

382. Kate Diffey, Gold Coast, Qld

383. Eunice Donovan, Mackay, Qld

This is a wonderful document; thank you to those who have taken the time to prepare it. Like others who have signed it, I am every day more ashamed of the current Australian government and its unjustified treatment of people who come here seeking safety and freedom. The rhetoric of freedom in Australian becomes more farcical the longer we let detention and other barriers to "processing" asylum-seekers go on. I hope one day this document is really Government policy.

384. Kerry Johnson, Mission Beach, North Qld

385. Jean Jordan, Melbourne Victoria

386. John Parkinson, Palmyra WA

Let's welcome these people into our community with dignity and respect for their hopes for a future. Leave the politics and detention centres to those bureaucrats who are the biggest drain on our society.

387. Sammy Ringer (Ms) Maleny QLD

388. Mick Lambe, PARIAH - NT, Darwin Northern Territory

389. Brian Woodcock, Mitcham Victoria

I am appalled at the xenophobia and lack of humanity shown by many Australians. The populist manner in which our government has set about denying fundamental human rights to people who come to our country looking to be protected, is equally appalling.

390. Jai Ball, Gold Coast Queensland

I'm ashamed of where I was born, Woomera, SA. I understand people have fear, I don't know the answers either. I do know that what is happening is far, far from right. There is a better way.

391. Claire Farrell, Perth WA

392. Allison Elton, Bensville NSW

393. Sue Hoffman, Western Australian Refugee Alliance, Perth WA

394. Geraldine Maddrell, Bicton WA

395. Patricia Hovey, Housing Workers for Refugees, Brisbane QLD

396. Michelle McDonald, Sydney, NSW

397. Celia Harris, Sydney, NSW

No torture in my name!

398. Anne Monk, Geelong, Victoria

399. Jamal Dandashi, Bankstown, NSW

Let all the refugees to be free and giving them a good chance to live again by helping them not destroying their lives and existence, for GOD sake, we talking about the human rights every day and forgot what we had done for them refugees now when they ocuppied their homeland and creating all the corruptions it's the result of the western world by colonization of the third world.

End of the day they call them refugees but when the westerners abusing them didn't call that racisim come on plz call urself what ever u like but be a human first of all long live for a peace and international solidarity against globalization and to stop war on IRAQ - thx a lot.

400. Lana Quall, AEU Katherine NT