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The world of credit cards, the play money of our age

How to make a donation to Project SafeCom

Project SafeCom is a self-funded not-for-profit Incorporated body. Since the start of operations in 2001 we have generated our income from sales of selected books through the website, fundraisers, public forums, film evenings, our stall at events and from memberships and donations.

You can make a donation to us in one of several ways as described below. Note: donations to Project SafeCom are not tax deductible.

Several ways of donating to us

There are several ways you can assist our operations. First, by making a donation, either by cheque or money order, by a transfer of funds into our account, or by making a credit card payment using the well-known PayPal payment processing agency. But ... there are more ways. Below is all the information!

Our bank account

Project SafeCom has a working bank account for general operational expenditure and income, whether these are membership payments, periodic pledges or once-off donations to support our work.

Below are the details of our account, including a full explanation of how you can make donations or pledges to us.

How to make pledges:

There are several ways you can pay a periodical pledge, but the easiest and best way is to set up a periodic automatic payment with your bank, or by setting this up yourself online through your bank account. If you want to pay us periodically by cheque or by using our PayPal system, you'll have to initiate this every time.

Direct bank transfers

Transfer funds directly from your own bank account into our General or Pledge account at the Bendigo Community Bank in Fremantle.

Money orders or cheques

To make a payment by cheque or money order, you need to consider the following details:

Write your cheque or money order to

Project SafeCom Inc.

Mailing Address:
Project SafeCom Inc
P.O. Box 364
Western Australia 6312

Credit Card payments using PayPal

PayPalProject SafeCom has an online credit card transaction agreement with PayPal. Click on the "Make a Donation" or "Click to pay your pledge" button to start your donation or pledge account payment into our PayPal account using your credit card.

BBB-OnlinePayPal's Australian Privacy Policy applies to Australian users of the PayPal Service.

PayPal Inc. is a Certified Participant of the BBBOnLine® Privacy Program.

General Account

Bendigo Community Bank
Fremantle, Western Australia
BSB Number: 633 000
Account name: Project SafeCom Inc
Account number: 115643900

Visit our bookshop

Julian Burnside's Wordwatching

Our often-visited 'bookshop' is right at your fingertips at Project SafeCom. And, keeping in style with what we stand for, we only sell books we endorse in the context of what we're about: accountable government, responsible politics, human rights maintained to the highest standard, and a planet that is cared for with the greatest sense of responsibility and responsiveness during an age where she's in a serious crisis.

Helen Caldicott: Nuclear Power is Not the Answer to Global Warming or Anything Else

Right here on this page, you're looking at two dust-covers that explain it all: Julian Burnside's Wordwatching, and Helen Caldicott's Nuclear Power is Not the Answer. Helen Caldicott's book is more overt than most other books about the dangers we face in a new "nuclear age" - even if nuclear energy is just used for 'peaceful purposes', while Julian Burnside becomes your tour guide to the trapdoors of government spin and urges us to be very, very careful in the words we use, and in discerning the words and statements from government we read.

So, click on the dust-covers and look around the bookshop. At Project SafeCom we're into informing you fully, and while we do that, we have a tiny retainer from the publishers for every book we sell. Happy travels!