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The Australian People's Refugee Visa

List of Endorsements 501-600

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501. Leesa, Amnesty Mount Gambier, SA

502. Lauren Stalley, Sydney NSW

None of us earned our right to be born here. We were just lucky. There is no resident here with the ethical right to say that they deserve more chances in life than the refugees. Detention centres are just punishment for victims of crime.

503. Annick Bourveau, Attac, Melbourne Vic

Shame on Howard and the Government, and Labour too.

504. Emma Button, architecture student, Adelaide SA

I believe this document is a good means of taking a stand against the injustice taking place in our so called 'free' country.Refugees are human like the rest of us and should be treated as we expect to be treated, with love and respect, especially the children!

505. William Kerr, Normanhurst, NSW

506. Alison Creed, Amnesty International, Melbourne, Victoria

Refugees are people and that is all that needs to be said - they should be treated like people not animals!

507. David Pickles, Queer Radical, Perth WA

In solidarity with all those detained, I hope for some show of humanity soon from our racist/homophobic government. Doesn't the howard government care about U.N charters and treaties???

508. Matt Crosby, Melbourne, Victoria

I firmly support this document. When I see the way asylum seekers are treated in my country, I feel ashamed to call myself Australian.

509. Marco Chiappi, St Kilda, Victoria

510. Peter Russell, UAICC and RAR Port Augusta, SA

All those who have fought and died for this country have done so in vain if Howard is allowed to continue to socially re-engineer this country. He has no mandate for this and must be stopped.

511. Katherine Woodward, Kellyville, NSW

512. Margaret Heggie, RAR Mullumbimby NSW

Cannot stand by and let the Howard government defy both UN convention and its own laws on the treatment of refugees. And certainly not in my name.

513. Dianne Tavakoli, PERTH, Western Australia

C'mon Aussie C'mon. Let's open up our hearts and minds and give the asylum seekers "a fair go".

514. Christine Barton, Community Development Student, Pascoe Vale South, Victoria

515. Adam, Under 16, Adelaide SA

I believe that Australia should not let refugees go through the process of detention centre. I believe that the refugees should stay in detention centres for a couple of days while they are being processed and then they should be let out and be able to live a normal life like you and me.

A refugee is someone who is to be in the state of dispossession - to be dispossessed of basic needs, family, land and livelihood. Displaced from their homes because of conflict, repression or civil strife. A person who is in this state I believe that they have left from their homeland to move to a better life not for them but for their kids, and their kids' kids. So I believe that these people would be able to live in Australia and not stay in a detention centre for 4-5 years then only get to live in Australia for 3 years.

Before the refugees we have in our class came I believed that the refugees should go back to their home country and stay out of ours. I only believed this because of the pictures I saw on the news of they up against fences shaking it. But I didn't know the reason why they came to Australia. But know that I know why they come I have a different belief.

I believe schools that let refugees into their schools are great schools becasue these i believe is a big step into getting the government to let the refugees into the country.

As we all know the refugees are people just like you and me. We all know this because we have refugees in our class. As we can see they are all like you and me, they like to do things that you and me do. I believe that all refugees are like this except for the few that I believe that are terrorists but otherwise I believe that we should let the refugees into Australia.

So I believe the Australian government should change their ways, process the papers within a few days for the refugees and then let them go and live in Australia without a time set by the government of how long they can stay in the country. But I do also believe that the government has to look though all the papers thoroughly and check if some of these refugees are terrorists. But I understand we cant let everyone into the country because of the threat that is around in now days.

516. Karlene Lucas, Southport Qld

I fully support the draft document and strongly oppose the Australian Governments stance on Asylum seekers.

417. Andrew Lynch, Claremont, WA

518. Nicola Paris, Human being, Fremantle WA

519. Abdul Malick Nuhhu Billa, Ashanti Goldfield Company, Ghana

520. Beatrice Marett, Surry Hills Sydney

521. Mark Gallagher, Murwillumbah, NSW

Australia used to be a country with a strong ethic for offering a hand to oppressed people why have our politicians of today changed that??

522. June Marks, Chilout, Adelaide SA

I am ashamed of our current policies 'managing' those who seek asylum in Australia. Too little is known about the ongoing suffering.

523. Mrs Kerrie McIntosh, Bonnet Bay, NSW

I feel a very very strong desire to extend compassion, friendship, a welcome and every form of assistance to asylum seekers in our country and to eliminate the massive dis-information which contributes to asylum seekers being kept in inhumane and intolerable conditions.

524. Mrs Kerrie McIntosh, Bonnet Bay, NSW

The strength these people have to get this far is amazing - if we had such strength the world would be a better place. Let's help them to live a peaceful existence in this wonderful place. There must be governmental guidelines but surely there is a better way of handling this situation than locking men, women and children behind cages.

525. Anne Simpson, Rural Australians for Refugees, Bellingen NSW

526. Anthea Whitwell, Brisbane Qld

These people are not "illegal" because they seek a place to pursue a safe, decent life for themselves and their children. They have jumped no "queue" except one created by the Howard government, a "queue" they almost universally could neither have known of, nor had any opportunity to join, nor been expected to wait in given their desparate situations. We are making innocent people suffer horribly. One day the world will know what really is happening in our detention camps. Howard, history will judge you a monster.

527. Karen Booth, Sydney NSW

528. Sean Monahan, Perth WA

I'm not ashamed of being Australian. Australians are, in my experience as a migrant, more generous spirited than most. It's the Australian government I'm ashamed of.

529. Kathy Anketell, Fremantle WA

530. Andrew Mitchell, Sydney NSW

531. Chris Cudmore, St. Vincent de Paul, Young NSW

This generation of Australians will be rightly condemned by our children for the apalling policies applied to the weakest of God's children.

532. Cate Sullivan, Tasmanians for Refugees, Hobart, Tasmania

533. Joe Orbach, Adelaide, SA

534. Belinda Coates, CASA, Ballarat VIC

535. Mr. R. Berndtsson, Melbourne, Victoria

How do these guys (Ruddock, Hill & Howard) sleep at night?

536. Marcus Roberts, Perth, WA

537. Claire Condon, Palmerston, NT

538. Allen Edwards, Refugee Action Coalition (NSW) Sydney, NSW

I am appalled that Australia is party to such blatant abuses of human rights - it makes me ashamed to be Australian! Close the concentration camps now! Free the refugees!

539. Diana Meeth, Sydney, NSW

How ashamed we should be!

540. Rungula, Department of Justice, Waikiki, Western Australia

Keep up the good work, good one, we will adopt the asylum seekers and allow them to become aboriginal australians, then try locking them up jonny jack boots

541. Tony Carr, Melbourne, Victoria

542. Daniel Lowbeer Sydney, NSW

543. Rod Quantock, Melbourne, VIC

544. Mary Kenneally, Melbourne, VIC

545. Wayne Knight, Sydney, NSW

As an individual I strongly endorse this refugee document

546. Cyndy Higgins Rich, Hopecaravan & Flotillas_of_Hope, Oak Island, North Carolina USA

Everything you are doing is so incredible, your organization is a bright and shining light and a beacon of hope. I'm very proud to sign this

547. Kevin Bracken, West Melbourne, VIC

548. Jason Sweeney, Melbourne, VIC

549. Aldo Iacobelli, Adelaide SA

550. Helen Joan Tweeddale, Chilout, St. Ives NSW

551. Lesley Snow, ChilOut, Canberra, ACT

552. Stavroula Kondos, Melbourne, VIC

553. Julia Battersby, Community Aid Abroad, Adelaide SA

554. Gillian Pechey, Maleny QLD

555. Midheta Tajar, Edith Cowan University, Perth, WA

556. Rosie Scott, Sydney, NSW

557. Michael Bartlett, Brisbane, QLD

Every name makes a difference and I am proud to put my name to a document that asks for freedom and justice for all, especially in this context people who are refugees from mistreatment in their country of origin. As an Australian I want them to feel welcome here and I want them to be treated in a fair and compassionate way.

558. Abbas Changezi, Webmaster, - Washington DC, USA documents and defends & helps others who are fighing for the rights of the Hazara people all over the world. Please let us know what we can do to support your cause.

559. Penny Watsford, Uki, NSW

Let's give everybody a fair go

560. Gabrielle Butler, Bendigo, VIC

561. Liz Dean, Northcote, Melbourne VIC

562. Pat and John Law, Nambour QLD

563. Ronald Webb, Kenilworth Qld 4574

564. Kerry Hasell, Brisbane, QLD

565. Maree Bechly, Buderim, QLD

566. Ken Bird, Port Hedland, WA

567. Ben Grono, Albury, NSW

568. Edward Ascroft, Melbourne VIC

This document incorporates the humanity and justice that should guide all Australia's domestic and foreign policies

569. Gordon Smith, Brisbane QLD

570. Ben Grono, Albury, NSW

571. Fay Waddington, Brisbane QLD

572. Chris Cudmore, St. Vincent de Paul, Young, NSW

Truth will eventually prevail

573. Hedy Sussmann, Sydney, NSW

574. Judith Lees, Ride For Refugees, Lower Plenty VIC

575. Stephanie Seaton, Sydney NSW

Words fail me. Actions speak for me. My signature attests!

576. Natasha Kruger-Kostava, Sydney NSW

577. Christina Steel, Newcastle NSW

John Howard, Philip Ruddock, Amanda Vanstone, et al, are bad people. They lie to and deceive the citizens of Australia. They are especially callous in their evil disregard for the welfare of innocent children.

578. Dorothy Babb, Kur-ring-gai Peace Group, Sydney NSW

I am proud to be included in the numbers of Australians who are outspoken and ashamed of the hypocritical attitude of our government. We are willing to go to war and destroy the infrastructure of countries such as Afghanistan a Iraq but unwilling to accept the refugees. This Govt is lacking in leadership it has not promoted the highest standards of compassion and understanding in the community ... as has the present government of New Zealand. Thankyou to those who put so much effort into the Visa Document.

579. Boronia Davie, Eastwood NSW

580. Helen Tait, Launceston Tasmania

Best Wishes for a new life in Australia - I look forward to the rich interaction with you in humanity and community around Australia

581. Joan Cortez-Baird, Ulverstone, Tasmania

582. Salam Haddad, Castle Hill, NSW

583. Midheta Tajar, ECU/WA Student Justice Group, Perth WA

I was a refugee myself, and I deeply feel their pain.

584. Sofia Ramoi, Brisbane QLD


585. Tsarina, Brisbane, Queensland

I think that this is a good idea ... a very good idea.

586. Ibrahem Aydiah, Scarborough, Perth

Thanks for all members and I get great support

587. Judi Williams, Rural Australians for Refugees, Murwillumbah NSW

588. Cheryl McDowell, Bowral NSW

I am appalled by our treatment of refugees and am deeply ashamed of what we are doing to these poor peole. The Government's ploy of keeping the refugees out of sight and out of mind unfortunately seems to be working very well. The Opposition's attitude is also a disgrace and we must do whatever we can to change this immoral situation.

589. Sally Keady, Subiaco, WA

Thank you for the opportunity to pledge my support for your cause in opposing the inhumane treatment of the detainees by our government. I don't know how our prime minister can sing the verse of our National Anthem with a clear conscience; when my children sing it at assemblies I just feel a deep sense of shame.("when people come across the seas we've wide brown lands to share" or something like that).

590. George Castley, Newnham Uniting Church, Launceston TAS

Pleasing to see some recent reduction in numbers in detention but more speeding up is urgent.

591. Geoff Reid, Granville, NSW

592. Karen Purser, Canterbury Bankstown PFLAG Group, Sydney NSW

593. Petrula Pettas, Adelaide, SA

I agree with what I have read today and I am pleased to see the growing support that Australia is showing to the refugees.

594. Jose Simsa, RAR Mount Gambier SA

595. Tanya Askey, Refugee Action Collective, Melbourne, Victoria


596. Sonya Carter, Newcastle, NSW

597. Monisha Lazarus, Sydney, NSW

What happened to simple goodness and compassion? What are we really afraid of?

598. Karl Haymann, Geraldton, WA

Just wanting to show support and help in any way I can

599. Subhada Das, Beaconsfield, WA

600. Mohammad Shrara, Islamabad, Pakistan