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The Australian People's Refugee Visa

List of Endorsements 401-500

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401. Lana Quall, AEU Katherine, NT

402. Anne White, Gingin WA

403. Mrs Nives Walker, One Heart Inc, St Mary's Anglican Church, Swan View WA

Any help for these poor people must be encouraged and supported. I cannot understand the Govt's cruelty towards them.

404. Giordana Cross, Adelaide SA

405. Sonia van de Haar, Sydney NSW

406. Susan Galambos, Shepparton VIC

407. Rima Itani, Perth WA

408. Mick Lambe, Pariah, Darwin NT

The views of People Against Racism In Aboriginal Homelands are available too. Essentially we are disgusted by Australia's participation in a regime that punishes asylum seekers for fleeing persecution.

409. Ema Corro, Pariah, Darwin NT

410. Kay Riordon, South West Action for Refugees, Warrnambool VIC

411. Barbara Taylor, ECU University, Perth WA

412. Gaille Abud, Melbourne, Victoria

413. Lida Eishou, Sydney NSW

Supportive of your cause and strongley believe in helping refugees.

414. John Morris, Socialist Alliance Sydney NSW

415. Victor Potticary, Retired Union Members' Association Inc., Adelaide SA

416. B. Daly-King, Armadale 6112 WA

This has been the most inhumane Government I have ever known in my 70+ years. It has brought shame upon Australia where hitherto they had good International standing. Shame Howard Government.

417. Christine Hanna, Adelaide SA

418. Ian Cotton, Adelaide, South Australia

419. Mark Schroeder, Mount Gambier SA

420. Christie, Perth WA

I don't understand why this isn't common sense? Baffled.

421. Paul and Trish Coghlan, Seymour VIC

There is room in the inn, let them in.

422. Robert Marshall, former Mayor (4 times), Panton Hill, Victoria

It is Howard & Ruddock who are grossly "un-Australian" in their ordering the heartless incarceration of refugees seeking comfort. Howard's "spin" re the government's humbug is extremely disturbing in what until recently was a country of decent values. Australia, once a beacon of light in a somewhat dishonest world, is thoroughly shamed by the government's cruelty and trickery.

423. Greg Spearritt, Australian Democrats, Toowoomba Qld

The Howard Government policies on refugees make me ashamed to be Australian. If we can't change the policies... let's change the government!

424. Christina Best, Ballarat, Victoria

The human rights of refugees MUST be respected and protected. It is NOT illegal to be a refugee.

425. Rohan Hewson, Perth WA

426. Ruth Thomson, Indooroopilly QLD

427. Margaret Reichenberger, Greenwich (Sydney) NSW

428. Kirsty Anderson, Nuku'aloafa, Tonga/Melbourne VIC

429. Jackie Meekham, Perth WA

430. Evie Katz, Melbourne, VIC

431. Ben Moore, Dickson ACT

432. Tanya, Sydney NSW

let them stay

433. Nigel Dale, Justice for Refugees SA Adelaide SA

434. Brooke Lauder, Sydney NSW

435. Edward Ascroft, Melbourne VIC

I hope the refugees currently in Australian detention centres and those seeking asylum are given the freedom and respect they deserve! I stand in solidarity with them.

436. Geraldine Maddrell, Bicton WA

437. Evelyn Dow, Glastonbury & Worldharmony, Gosnells WA

438. Chris Verey, Dorrigo NSW

439. Erin Mooney, Perth WA

How can the government remain so unmercifully unjust?

440. Dawn Butler, Brisbane QLD

441. Maree Green, Adamstown NSW

442. Tony & Anne McLaughlin, Newcastle NSW

443. Jo Boltin, Caulfield VIC

Refugees are welcome. Close the detention centres. Put an end to the torture of asylum seekers in this country. Put an end to the lies, and misinformation that our government and opposition spread for their own selfish and egotistical benefits. History will tell the shameful story of the Howards and Ruddocks and their supporters. I am ashamed of what is happening in Australia.

444. Kate Teys, RAC Victoria, Melbourne VIC

445. Krisno Pryosusilo, Toowoomba QLD

Social justice for all - fair distribution of world resources as well would be nice ...

446. Carole McDonald, Melbourne VIC

I believe that all asylum seekers should be allowed to remain in the community and receive the help and support of our governments while they are going through the process to determine their status.

447. Jim Dixon, Kingsford NSW

A fabulous idea that I am happy to wholeheartedly support.

448. Irene Harvey, Gowrie, Canberra ACT

Where's our compassion?

449. Neil Medhurst, Student at Tenison Woods College, Mt Gambier, SA

450. Ann Paterson, Brisbane QLD

451. Natalie Lowrey, GLOBALROOTS Inc. Melbourne VIC

452. Father Claude Mostowik, MSC Jusice and Peace Centre, Erskineville NSW

453. Cherry Gertzel, Curtin University of Technology, Perth WA

All I can say at this stage is thank you for all your work, please keep going

454. Anne Cutler, Woolooware NSW

I wholeheartedly support this document.I would vote for which ever party adopted this commonsense and humanitarian approach to asylum seekers.

455. Chris Horsfall, Rosebud VIC

I was aware of the redneck, extreme right element in Australia, who are basically against anything I believe in, but even I am surprised that Australia as a nation of people has stood for the forced detention of women and children come here to escape tirany. I feel ashamed that anyone is detained, but to detain women and children is not just inhumane but also gutless and reprehensable. I for one do not support mandatory detention and firmly believe refugees are not breaking the law by coming here. Ruddoch, Howard and his ilk do not stand for me or what I believe. They for me represent the worst elements of our nation and humanity, I hesitate to even include them in that class but unfortunatly not only are they fellow human beings but we as a democracy elected them.

456. Melanie Smith, Sydney NSW

If we were to have civil war in our country, or if we were supressed as a people would we accept the same treatment that we are allowing our government to give to others. It is not surprising that we have one of the worst Human Rights records in the world, as a people, as a combined force we need to change this! Let's love and accept diversity instead of fearing it!

457. Nury Echeverria Silva, Melbourne VIC

458. Jacqueline Patrick, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, USA

459. Teresa Johnston, Otaki, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

At last ... Idealism being put into Action. Well done. Keep up the Good Work.

460. Homayoon Haidari, Wanniassa, Canberra

I am a refugee and I really want to be an Australian and have a permanent visa

461. Melly Lewis, Darwin, NT

They say the opposite of love is not hate but fear. I hope sometime soon people wake up to the way in which we are constantly encouraged to fear and put up more walls between ourselves and those who are different. Refugees are people like us who deserve compassion & respect and thank goodness there are many Australians who feel that way.

462. Leah Armand, Hobart, Tasmania

I hope Ruddock and Howard die slow painful deaths in the very near future.

463. Melissa Venvillel, Feminist Cheerleaders, Brisbane QLD


464. Lorraine Maftoum, N.S.W. Teachers Federation, Sydney NSW

465. William Taylor, Melbourne VIC

466. Paul Falzon, Vinnies, Kingsgrove NSW

467. Catherine Smith, Coalition for Justice for refugees, Chelsea, VIC

468. Anna Foley, Brisbane QLD

469. Natalie Waghorne, West Footscray VIC

I fully endorse this document in the hope that some day soon it will become law and we will no longer need to feel ashamed about Australia's treatment of those seeking assylum in our beautiful, safe country.

470. Jane Siddall, Perth WA

Children have the right to a peaceful world, and adults have a responsibility in ensuring that this is possible.

471. Hamish Danks Brown, writer and member Noosa4Peace, Noosa Heads, QLD

Justice and proper humane treatment for refugees is mandatory - Australia's current and cruel incarceration in detention centres is a disgrace!

472. Ferdos, com yours Melbourne Vic

473. Carmel E Young, Albury NSW

I am outraged by the present governments racism and continual lies - all individual human beings have the same rights from birth to death. We must all work for peace and justice and never give up.

474. S. Allen Sydney NSW

475. Laurie Walsh, Bunbury WA

476. Sarah Foley, London, United Kingdom

477. Nancy & Mike Murphy, Warwick QLD

What will our children and grandchildren think of us when they understand what is being done to the men, women and children who came to us asking for help after fleeing the most horrific circumstances in their native lands?

478. Liz Varrenti, Coburg, RAC/Amnesty International/Independent, Melbourne

AZADI - Visas for all asylum seekers - No deportations ... and all asylum seekers .... AZADI!!!!!!

479. Elizabeth Clarke, Glebe NSW

480. Linda Simonis, Perth WA

The Howard Government's treatment of refugees is a disgrace and an insult to all standards of decency.

481. Merrill Moore, MacGregor ACT

I am so ashamed of the Australia that this liberal government is changing us into. I'm proud of the 'bleeding heart' least I have a heart to bleed, unlike Howard and Ruddock and their henchmen. How can there not be an uprising against their unhumane and immoral policies?

482. Sally Richards, Canberra ACT

483. Lyn Serventy Margaret River WA

484. Bronwyn Vost, Enmore, Sydney NSW

A good document. I want the Australian Government to act accordingly.

485. Hooman Golabi Zadeh & Emma Hughes, Tehran, Iran - VIC

No government has any right to lock up humans for no good reason

486. James Miller, Brighton East, Victoria

I continue to be appalled and ashamed at the way Australia treats refugees. It distresses me enormously. I wish I new how I could be more effective in changing the present situation

487. Margaret Tonkin, Ballarat Refugee Support Group, Ballarat VIC

A very comprehensive and encouraging document

488. Daniel Nugent, Melbourne VIC

489. Brian Souter, Canberra ACT

Recent pictures show the asylum seekers caring for their children: but the howard govt has shown little care for the truth. It must be impeached

490. Joan Good, Rural Australians for Refugees, LV group, Traralgon Vic

Good on you. I believe in Human Rights and in our obligations under International treaties, and more than anything, I believe in treating people as we would like to be treated in similar circumstances. Do as you would be done by.

491. Michelle, Melbourne, VIC

I think John Howard is the most inhumane man, and so is his sidekick Ruddock. i think we shoudl lock this 2 low lifes in the detention centres and see the lengths they would go through to get out.

492. Parijat Wismer, Byron Bay, NSW

This is urgent, it has to happen now. It is our responsibility to support refugees, not punish them.

493. Jennifer Fuller, Emerald Beach, NSW

494. Brad Evans, Cambridge, UK

It's a shame Howard ain't listening! He might need the plugs of stone removed from his ears first!

495. Rhonda Rundell-Gordon, Deniliquin, NSW

What will I tell my grandchildren about how we have treated these poor people?

496. Fiona Hillary, Margaret River Community Language School, Margaret River WA

497. Lara Malin, Gosnells WA

498. Anna Stiller, Melbourne Victoria

I am deeply appalled, distressed and outraged by the inhumane and immoral treatment of asylum seekers in this country.

499. Trish Mann, Murwillumbah NSW

500. Fiona Jameson, Lismore RAR, Lismore NSW