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The Australian People's Refugee Visa

List of Endorsements 601-700

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601. Gwenn Tasker, St. George's Anglican Church, Birkdale, Brisbane Qld

We will discuss this document and other material with as many people as possible in an attempt to dispel prejudice and myths.

602. Pamela Box, Sydney, NSW

603. J B Mpyadora, London, Kent, UK


604. Marion Waite, ANF, St. Arnaud, VIC

605. Sara Strong, Lilydale, Tasmania

I totally endorse, with gratitude and appreciation, all that dedicated individuals and groups such as Project SafeCom, of which I am a member, are doing to start to rectify the appalling mistreatment of refugees under the Howard Government. I would dearly love to see The Australian People's Refugee Visa put in place. I have very great admiration and appreciation for the work of Project SafeCom and I hope it continues to grow and to make people more aware of Australia's treatment of refugees.

606. Rajendra Acharya, Sydney, NSW

607. Jennifer Dooley, Sydney, NSW

608. Doris Cornford, Launceston, Tasmania

609. Yesim Ali, Melbourne, VIC

610. Jan Holmes, Cobar, NSW

611. Kristin Gillespie, Baptist Church Ascot Vale, Victoria

If only we were doing this now! I hope and pray for a sea change that brings this into reality.

612. John Ferguson, Newcastle, NSW

613. David & Patricia Evans, Sydney NSW

Action is needed now to stop big business - the backers and controllers of private enterprise detention centres - driving migrant policy in the US, Europe and Australia.

614. Nathan Christian Savage, Perth, Western Australia

615. Sara Webster, Warrnambool VIC

This is unbelievable, I am ashamed at our country!

616. Mojgan Nozhat, Canberra ACT

The Howard Government should be ashamed of themselves. Many of these asylum seekers have come from corrupt and violent countries, fearing for their lives and their safety. Asylum seekers come to Australia in search for a better life, fleeing poverty, persecution and other human rights violations. The same countries that the Howard government claim to be governed by 'radical leaders' but cannot accept the fact that that is the same reason why these people are feeing their countries in the first place. Thanx to the Howard government we are no longer the multicultural accepting and humanitarian country we were once so proudly known for. Turning our backs on these people is in-humane and completely un-Australian.

617. Bonnie Carter, Stawell, Victoria

I wonder if Mr. Howard will ever say sorry for the refugee situation? At least he won't be able to hide behind the excuse of it happening before his time. With "boundless plains to share for those who come across the seas", it is a criminal act to lock these people into camps and forget about them, which is what Howard and Ruddock would do if we would let them. Do not let these men forget ....

618. Sr Kathleen Cudmore, Sisters of Mercy, Albury NSW

'Whatever you do to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you do it to me'. Jesus. (Matthew 25)

619. Monica Kelly, Melbourne, Vic

620. Fiona McCarthy, Perth WA

621. Shasta Fisher, Melbourne VIC

The Howard governments' treatment of asylum seekers and refugees is appaling and unforgivable. Howard should not be able to retain the title of the Prime Minister of Australia as he is failing to uphold Australian values or represent the views of the australian people.

622. Christy Filipich, Rockingham Beach WA

623. Terry Veling, St. Thomas University, Miami, Florida

I am an Australian citizen who is currently living as an alien in the United States. Living with an alien-status (yes, an alien - on this beautiful round planet), has made me more aware and concerned for the plight of refugees and intinerants across our globe. I sign in solidarity with them. Peace.

624. Virginia Packer, Port Augusta RAR, South Australia

625. Lisa Jarrett, Sydney NSW

626. Emmanuel, Benin, Edo - Nigeria

Thanks for a site like this

627. Eloise Larsen, Brisbane Qld

628. Louise Upshall, Canberra ACT

629. Rachella Birch-Samios, Melbourne VIC

630. Doug Cheetham, Baxter, VIC

631. Glynis, Watanobbi NSW

632. Nathalie Haymann, Project Safecom Inc. Woodbridge WA

With respect, sympathy and solidarity. Never give up.

633. Jean Hay, Mount Isa QLD

634. Khaja Ahmed Siddiqui, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

635. Elizabeth van Niekerk, Sydney NSW

I think refugees deserve to be treated fairly and we should all help "debunk the myths" that surround them, so that everyone can know that we need to keep an eye out for them.

636. Margaret Day, Murray Bridge Refugee Group, Murray Bridge SA

637. Anna Vost, Carlton VIC

638. Anne Williams, RAR, Human Being, Johnsonville VIC

639. Catherine Driussi, Charters Towers QLD

Where have we gone wrong - look at the immigrant surnames on this list. We couldn't have built our country without these people.

640. Christine Gamble, Murray bridge Refugee Support Group, Mt Barker SA

Keep on fighting

641. Thomas Sylva, Sydney NSW

What an excellent document. Humanity in Australia here we come!

642. Janet Gaden, Rural Australians for Refugees Daylesford, Eganstown VIC

643. Margaret Tonkin, Box Hill/Melbourne VIC

The book, "Refuge Australia - Australia's Humanitarian Record" provides evidence that Australia's record towards understanding the plight of refugees is not a current problem but a fact that there has been no change since the 1930's. More reason to be ashamed of being an Australian!

644. James Riley, Hilton WA

How can this be happening with the apparent approval of the majority of the australian people??

645. Jillian Oldfield, Melbourne VIC

646. Vanessa Moore, Casino NSW

647. Robin France, Fremantle WA

648. Ray Grenfell, Power From Within / Perth Social Forum, Fremantle WA


649. Dylan D'Silva, Sydney NSW

650. Helen Chadwick, CPSU, Adelaide SA

I cannot sit by one day longer and do nothing about the Government's treatment of refugees. What happend over Christmas [the taking of the Bakhtiari family from Adelaide housing by force] distressed me, the final straw was hearing that the toddler was so scared she wet her pants, and had to sit in soiled underwear from Adelaide to Baxter. I know it's a small thing, but as a mother with a six year old daugher this was really the last straw.

651. Maria Magdalena, Goolwa SA

How much would it cost the Howard Government to close all detention centres and give all current detainees Australian residency status - as a once-off gesture of goodwill??

652. Jeremy Hillman, Canberra ACT

653. Jan McInerney, Adelaide, South Australia

It is urgent that the Australian Government changes its attitude to asylum seekers.

654. Elize Steynberg, Perth WA

655. Peter Gray, Melbourne VIC

I am apalled at the action of the Federal Government with regard to refugees. Even if some arrived illegally there is no justification for committing them to almost certain punishment if they are "returned" to their former countries. In many cases there is summary execution awaiting those who are returned.

656. Beverley Jackson, Main Beach QLD

657. Kate Eliza O'Connor, Sydney NSW

658. Lynette Payne, Richmond VIC

659. Graham Upshall, Canberra ACT

660. Jennifer Stephens, Volunteer at Refugee Support Group, Exeter, North Tawton Devon U.K.

Hopefully publicity we can give to the Austalian situation will help you and help to stop it here.

661. Dian Moncrieff, Casino NSW

I am appalled how John Howard and associates can stand there and preach freedom/democracy for all, but ignore the plight of asylum seekers.

662. Jennifer Tranter, Carrara QLD

Refugees and asylum seekers need our help and compassion. They shouldn't be incarcerated for any length of time.

663. Peta Hill, Broadbeach QLD

664. Bruce Robertson, PSA, Bronte NSW

665. Tieran Zxava, Refugee Action Coalition, Gold Coast QLD

666. Nenad-Danny Bakaj, Hope International Project, Brisbane QLD

I fully endorse it and I support anyone that help people that seek freedom. As someone has already said, peace and love to all the people that flee their country for human rights abuses!

667. Maureen Harrison, Point Lonsdale VIC

I pray that our country's leaders will read with compassion and take heed.

668. Mary Jane Stuart Cameron, Greensborough VIC

I do not belong to any organisation, but I feel I must put my feelings towards doing somethinnnng positive for the sake of these refugees, who want nothing more than the chance of a life as we all know it.

669. Robyn Clothier, Willunga SA

670. Jacobus B Kaandorp, Runaway Bay QLD

I think it is absolutely appaling to incarcerate refugees in what is close to a concentration camp. These people are mentally scarred by this kind of redneck treatment. Many are subsequently admitted into Australia, but much of the damage remains and can result into anti-social behaviour which often comes at a high cost to society. Sense it don't make!!

671. Patricia Cawley, Sydney NSW

672. Lynne Scouller, Sydney NSW

673. Lynne Scouller, Sydney NSW

674. Eliza Keefe, Yeppoon QLD

I'm studying asylum seekers for school and I am so disgusted at how these people were treated that I searched the net, found this site, and agreed with it!

675. Lisa Pio, Banyo QLD

676. Sheema Brahmbhatt, Baulkham Hills NSW

677. Paul Robb, Geraldton WA

I am ashamed of the way my country treats refugees. I know that the majority of our citizens and residents do not support our government in its deplorable treatment of refugees.

678. Cherie Christensen, Nganmarriyanga NT

679. Fiona Ninnes, Armidale NSW

The Howard Government does not speak for all Australians and their underhand, deceiving and lying ways need to be exposed and stopped. Stop the abuse of innocent people.

680. Margaret Moore, Brisbane QLD

Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn. Thank you for restoring hope by your dedication to compassion, the common ideal of all religious systems and of good non-believing people in all societies.

681. Ann Lindsay, Byabarra NSW

I always believed I lived in a country with a tradition of compassion and hospitality. I am sad that our government has proved this to be so wrong.

682. Fabiana Vielle, Adelaide South Australia

683. Lynne Clark, Rostrevor Baptist Church Adelaide SA

684. Lisa Hartley, Sydney NSW

685. Debbie Dawes, Brisbane QLD

686. Cherry, Adelaide SA

687. Leanne Lewis, Perth WA

The treatment of refugees is this country's SHAME

688. Anthony Kelly, Pt'chang Nonviolent Community Safety Group, Melbourne VIC

689. Chris Tay, Sydney NSW

690. Bernard Hayward, Bundaberg QLD

I have had my share of immigration jumping through loops and in the end nothing happens: our goverment want immigrants to have money, make money, earn money, sponsors are required to hand over thousands for bond, of a partner but are not reconised as aussie citizens, but if Centrelink finds out you are married overseas they want that person overseas not accepted as immigrant or citizen to divulge to them all income and assets. I ask you, what have we become?

691. Miss Alex Komis, Melbourne VIC

Do Something today!

692. Fiona Myers, Melbourne VIC

After researching this topic for university I cannot believe what we put these people through.

693. Katharine Wade, Sydney NSW

694. Kym Hammond, Filmmaker, Adelaide SA

The Australia that I belong to does not incarcerate children.

695. Kjell Liljegren, Nagambie VIC

696. Aaron Tavakoli, Perth WA

The Australian government's actions and treatment of asylum seekers is apalling and indecent. In the international community our actions have drawn critism from the UN and many governments around the world. Given our history and the fact that this country was built by immigrants, the way these people are being treated is a crime. The detention centres contravene international law, which we demand other countries abide by. The matter should be addressed immediately and the Howard government should face criminal charges over it. As an Australian living abroad, it has done irrevocable damage to our nations reputation and image of friendly compassionate people .... not even the US or England who have far greater immigration problems detain illegal immigrants.

697. Annalise deGroot, Stanwell Park NSW

End Mandatory Detention, we should respect refugees as we respect each other! They are the same as you and me!

698. Wasim Akram, Sri Lanka N/7 Nawagampura

699. Gregory Paul Lehmann, Franklin, Tasmania / El Salvador, Colombo-14

700. Julian Dibley-Hall, Sydney NSW

I fully support what is written in this document. I think the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers by the Howard Government is shameful. It disrespects and abuses those people who have come to our country for protection. It also misreperesents the views and beliefs of large portions of the Australian population. We should treat asylum seekers with respect, dignity and in accordance with the relevant UN charters and conventions. It is our duty as humans and members of the world community to care for those people who need our care and protection.