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Canberra Parliament House: Please note the half-mast UN Flag...
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Senators for Refugees:

Those who challenge, block and disallow

Below is the list of all senators in the Australian Senate. As time slowly moves towards the 2004 election, the Senators will have links to statements they have made about the Howard government's treatment of asylum seekers and refugees.

Rural Australians for Refugees
In close collaboration with many members of Rural Australians for Refugees

Those MP's whose names are BOLD have made seriously critical statements about the scandalous policies of the Howard government. Those MP's whose names are printed in RED, have also made statements, but they have been statements supporting or pandering to the scandalous treatment - and defended those policies. All BOLD and RED names will eventually have links under them, pointing to quotes or statements, in the press, or in emails to constituents or refugee advocates.

Enjoy visiting this section, it hides more than 60 "red" section pages about Australian politics and politicians!

"WE shall determine who governs this country, and in which way they govern..."

Name in Bold Red Do NOT re-elect. Supports current refugee policies, is a collaborator, or may be liable for future prosecution and trial on criminal charges
Star StatusStar(s) & Name in Bold Black Has spoken out against Howard's refugee policies
Star StatusStar(s) & name set apart, above linked material Distinguished from the crowd through speeches and articles
peddles the illegal lie This MP or Senator peddles the 2001 deceptive lie of "illegals" or "illegal immigrants". See our election platform for an explanation.
This Article of the Convention is seriously breached by Australia's asylum seeker policies On our International Declaration of Human Rights page: click on this image to see details of how Australia breaches this Declaration.
Opposing candidate Click on this image next to the parliamentarian's name to reveal details of the challenge in the member's electorate at the 2004 election.
Marginal Seat Indicates that at the 2001 Federal election, this seat was won as a "marginal seat": indicating most likely a vulnerable status to the party who won the seat at that election. See list of marginal seats.
bullet Denotes a link to material on our website
arrow Denotes a link to external material: opens a new window in your browser

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Important Documents

Australian Democrats

Star StatusLyn Allison, Senator for Victoria

Star StatusStar StatusStar StatusAndrew Bartlett, Senator for Queensland

Star StatusJohn Cherry, Senator for Queensland

Star StatusBrian Greig, Senator for Western Australia

Andrew Murray, Senator for Western Australia

Star StatusAden Ridgeway, Senator for New South Wales

Star StatusNatasha Stott Despoja, Senator for South Australia

The Australian Greens

Star StatusBob Brown, Senator for Tasmania

Star StatusKerry Nettle, Senator for New South Wales

Australian LABOR PARTY

Project SafeCom NOTE: we have serious reservations about the ALP's current asylum seeker policy as launched last year by Hon Simon Crean and Ms Julia Gillard, and in this criticism we join with Labor4Refugees. You can access some of their remarks about the Labor Policy through our web page "The struggle for Labor, the trouble with Labor". We look forward to the January 2004 National Conference, where the ALP will hopefully finally listen to what has been strongly endorsed by the ALP members in most State Conventions around Australia: to abandon the policy of mandatory detention.

Mark Bishop, Senator for Western Australia

The Hon. Nick Bolkus, Senator for South Australia

Geoffrey Buckland, Senator for South Australia

Star StatusGeorge Campbell, Senator for New South Wales

Standing by Carmen Lawrence over asylum seekers

Kim Carr, Senator for Victoria

Star StatusJacinta Collins, Senator for Victoria

Stephen Conroy, Senator for Victoria

Star StatusThe Hon. Peter Cook, Senator for Western Australia
Star StatusTrish Crossin, Senator for the Northern Territory

Kay Denman, Senator for Tasmania

Christopher Evans, Senator for Western Australia

Star StatusThe Hon. John Faulkner, Senator for New South Wales

Michael Forshaw, Senator for New South Wales

John Hogg, Senator for Queensland

Steve Hutchins, Senator for New South Wales

Linda Kirk, Senator for South Australia

Star StatusJoe Ludwig, Senator for Queensland

arrow"On the 2001 HREOC Report: Human Rights In an Immigration Detention Centre"
arrow"A Bill of Rights should include social, economic and cultural rights"

Star StatusKate Lundy, Senator for the Australian Capital Territory

Address to Labor for Refugees Forum

Star StatusSue Mackay, Senator for Tasmania

Jan McLucas, Senator for Queensland

Gavin Marshall, Senator for Victoria

Claire Moore, Senator for Queensland

Kerry O'Brien, Senator for Tasmania

Robert Ray, Senator for Victoria

The Hon. Nick Sherry, Senator for Tasmania

Ursula Stephens, Senator for New South Wales

Ruth Webber, Senator for Western Australia

Penny Wong, Senator for South Australia

Australian Progressive Alliance

Meg Lees, Senator for South Australia

Country Liberal Party

Nigel Scullion, Senator for the Northern Territory


Brian Harradine, Senator for Tasmania

Shayne Murphy, Senator for Tasmania

Liberal Party of Australia

The Hon. Eric Abetz, Senator for Tasmania

The Hon. Richard Alston, Senator for Victoria

Guy Barnett, Senator for Tasmania

peddles the illegal lie George Brandis, Senator for Queensland

The Hon. Paul Calvert, Senator for Tasmania

The Hon. Ian Campbell, Senator for Western Australia

Grant Chapman, Senator for South Australia

Richard Colbeck, Senator for Tasmania

Helen Coonan, Senator for New South Wales

Alan Eggleston, Senator for Western Australia

The Hon. Christopher Ellison, Senator for Western Australia

Alan Ferguson, Senator for South Australia

Jeannie Ferris, Senator for South Australia

The Hon. Bill Heffernan, Senator for New South Wales

The Hon. Robert Hill, Senator for South Australia

Gary Humphries, Senator for the Australian Capital Territory

David Johnston, Senator for Western Australia

The Hon. Rod Kemp, Senator for Victoria

Susan Knowles, Senator for Western Australia

Ross Lightfoot, Senator for Western Australia

The Hon. Ian Macdonald, Senator for Queensland

Brett Mason, Senator for Queensland

The Hon. Nicholas Minchin, Senator for South Australia

Santo Santoro, Senator for Queensland

The Hon. Kay Patterson, Senator for Victoria

Star StatusMarise Payne, Senator for New South Wales

Tsebin Tchen, Senator for Victoria

John Tierney, Senator for New South Wales

The Hon. Judith Troeth, Senator for Victoria

peddles the illegal lie The Hon. Amanda Vanstone, Senator for South Australia

John Watson, Senator for Tasmania

Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Len Harris, Senator for Queensland

The Nationals

Ronald Boswell, Senator for Queensland

Julian McGauran, Senator for Victoria

Sandy Macdonald, Senator for New South Wales

Project SafeCom