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Thank you for your payment!

Thanks very much for your payment!

Many thanks for your PayPal payment into our account!

You may just have made a payment for a product we have available in our shop or you have just sent us a donation for our work into our operations account. We thank you for that.

In each and every case, we owe you many thanks for your contribution to our work. Project SafeCom is an entirely self-funded organisation, and we've operated since December 2001. In many cases it's true that we exist because you want us to exist.

We have a fully accountable declaration of all monies coming in from our supporters. Below are links to our Annual Reports, which, in addition to reporting to our members how we work, give an insight into our finances.

Depending on the type of payment you just completed with PayPal, here are some links that may assist you further. Below the links is also a general overview of the various ways in which we're open to receive funds from our supporters, listing the two accounts we operate.

Helpful links

Project SafeCom Annual Reports

Because Project SafeCom is a Corporation in the legal sense of the word, our Annual General Meetings see the publication, every year, of an Annual Report. Here they are - they are public documents. Looking at them will give you a good sense of how we operate, and what we've done over the years - and for how little money we did at that work!

Our account

Project SafeCom has a single consolidated account for general income and expenses and for regular pledges or salary donations. The account details are listed below.

We receive payments for products we sell, and unspecified donations into the general account.

We receive periodical pledges sent for remuneration of the Co-ordinator's work into our main account.

Direct bank transfers

Transfer funds directly from your own bank account into our General account at the Bendigo Community Bank in Fremantle.

Money orders or cheques

To make a payment by cheque or money order, you need to consider the following details:

Write your cheque or money order to

Project SafeCom Inc.

Mailing Address:
Project SafeCom Inc
P.O. Box 364
Western Australia 6312

General Account

Bendigo Community Bank
Fremantle, Western Australia
BSB Number: 633 000
Account name: Project SafeCom Inc
Account number: 115643900