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The Scattered People CD: refugees in song

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The album evolved out of asylum seekers in Brisbane coming together to sing - finding and sharing their 'common ground' - their brokenness, their resilience, their frustrations and their hopes for the future. Songs were written and performed. Friends of the Refugee Claimants Support Centre contributed their songs as well and the CD was launched in late 2000.

One of the songs "Labarik Sira Hotu" has become well known in East Timor as the song used by the United Nations in their advertisements to encourage people to vote in the August 2001 elections. Afonso Corte Real, a Timorese Australian, was nominated for a Sunnie Award for this song.

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Title: Scattered People
Publisher: Refugee Claimants Resource Centre
Producer: Simon Monsour, Brian Procopis
Composers: Simon Monsour, Brian Procopis, with others
Item: Music CD
Duration: 47' 42"
Artwork: Teresa Jordan
Cover Design: Luke Monsour
Sponsors: Sidney Myer Foundation, Brisbane City Council, BEMAC, Lifeline
Choir Coordinator: Kerry Woodrow


The Scattered People CD: refugees in song
The Scattered People Choir's Music CD
...these are our songs - here are our stories...
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