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A cancelled Rail ticket

Oops, did you cancel your payment process?

Some suggestions for the road ahead from here:

You arrived at this page because you cancelled a payment process you started using PayPal, our preferred credit card processor.

This page offers some suggestions for alternative ways of making a payment to us: we accept payment by cheque or money order, and below are our bank account details if you'd prefer a direct deposit into our bank account.

If you started to pay in order to buy one of our products, such as a book, click here to return to the shop - perhaps another way of paying for the item will be more suitable for you.

While we're guessing why you arrived on this page, the links below may help you to either proceed with the process you started, or to just contact us:

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Our bank account

Project SafeCom has a working bank account for general operational expenditure and income, whether these are membership payments, periodic pledges or once-off donations to support our work.

Below are the details of our account, including a full explanation of how you can make donations or pledges to us.

Direct bank transfers

Transfer funds directly from your own bank account into our General account at the Bendigo Community Bank in Fremantle.

Money orders or cheques

To make a payment by cheque or money order, you need to consider the following details:

Write your cheque or money order to

Project SafeCom Inc.

Mailing Address:
Project SafeCom Inc
P.O. Box 364
Western Australia 6312

General Account

Bendigo Community Bank
Fremantle, Western Australia
BSB Number: 633 000
Account name: Project SafeCom Inc
Account number: 115643900