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Victoria under fire: a state fights, a nation grieves
Climate change events: "When he ratified the Kyoto Protocol, the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, described climate change as the greatest threat facing humanity. Shaken, and clearly having seen things none of us should see, he has now witnessed proof of his words. We can only hope Australia's climate policy, which is weak, is now significantly strengthened." (Tim Flannery, after the Victorian fires)

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Why did we do this petition?

Project SafeCom is a non-profit community organisation in Western Australia. Since 2001 we have worked on social justice and human rights issues in Australia, as an entirely self-funded agency. Now, seven years later, we have a website with more than 1,000 pages, visited by up to 70,000 people per month, who access more than 140,000 pages.

All over the world, students, academics, researchers and human rights advocates use our website to resource themselves, looking at "what Australia did", in order to tell the story, and hopefully also, to recommend to do things better and in a different way.

We do not receive public funding, but our entire operation is supported from donations and pledges, through the sale of books and other items through our website, from the proceeds of fundraisers and public events, and from membership fees and payments.

The current financial crisis

We're already feeling the effects of the current financial crisis, and this is the reason we need to ask for your help. Below are the details of our two accounts, and promotions for three of the most recent publications we offer for sale via the website.

We're especially looking to extend the number of people who regularly pledge small amounts to our general account and our pledge account.

If you're not yet one of our regular financial supporters, please consider setting up through your bank, a monthly automatic payment to one of our accounts: a monthly amount as small as $5 or $10 will already make a great deal of difference to us!

General Account

Bendigo Community Bank
Fremantle, Western Australia
BSB Number: 633 000
Account name: Project SafeCom Inc
Account number: 115643900

Pledge Account

Bendigo Community Bank
Fremantle, Western Australia
BSB Number: 633 000
Account name: Project SafeCom Inc
Account number: 130035587
Project SafeCom