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In November 2001, there was going to be
a Federal election in Australia.....
Australia's Prime Minister John Howard
was going to loose this election
but then a ship appeared on the horizon...
the ship was rescuing asylum seekers
from a leaking boat called the Palapa
and it was called the M.V. Tampa
it had a captain called Arne Rinnan,
and it was a containership from Norway

the ship was rescuing asylum seekers
in accordance with the Laws of the Sea
Arne Rinnan was bringing
the shipwrecked refugees to Australia
John Howard bugged the telephone
of the good captain; he threatened
to arrest him as a "people smuggler"
He declared a "no-fly" zone over the ship
to stop the media from 'knowing' the refugees
and discovering what really went on

MV Tampa is taking shape

He told lies to the Australian people about horrible parents who threw their children overboard