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Acting From the Heart

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Acting from the Heart

Australian advocates for asylum seekers tell their stories

Edited by Sarah Mares and Louise Newman

[From the publisher:] In recent years, thousands of Australians from all walks of life have been moved to act in support of asylum seekers and refugees and against the Australian government's immigration policy and practice.

In Acting from the Heart, over 50 people who reflect the diversity of this movement describe how and why they became involved.

The contributors shared a sense of disbelief and outrage that 'Australian values' suddenly appeared to include callous self-interest and a disregard for human suffering. The detention of over 4000 children could not easily be seen as necessary or 'a fair go'.

The experiences described in this collection speak to the profound emotional impact of involvement in this movement. Advocates have undergone extremes of sadness, anger, frustration and joy. There is sadness at the loss of Australia's moral innocence and of identity; anger about the pain and damage inflicted on vulnerable individuals; and the frustration of dealing with a political and bureaucratic machine intent on detention at all costs, and operating within a punitive model where all are guilty. And, occasionally, all this is leavened with the joy of a detainee being released.

Publication details

Title: Acting From the Heart
Subtitle: Australian advocates for asylum seekers tell their stories
ISBN: 978 187645 178 3
Editors: Sarah Mares and Louise Newman
Foreword: Tom Keneally
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Finch Publishing
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 215 x 152 x 22
Price: $24.95
First publicity event: Sydney Writers Festival (June 3, 2007)

List of contributors: Ngareta Rossell, Judi McLallen, Trish Highfield, Frances Milne, Helen Tait, Michael Dudley, Michael Douglas, Frank Hetherton, Sue Hoffman, Libby Turnock, Anne Pederson, Diane Gosden, Diane Greentree, Mira Wroblewski, Moya Turner, Konya Roy, Lynette Chaikin, Sr Aileen Crowe, Naleya Everson, Elaine Smith, Susan Metcalfe, Louise Newman, Linda Fienberg, Madeleine Byrne, Dale West, Rae Polden & Vanda Uminski, Claire O'Connor, Diane Goldrick, Christopher Wareham, Michaela Byers, John Gates, Jacqui Everitt, Jon Juredini, Rosalind Powrie, Judith Rodriguez, Patricia O'Rourke, Julie Ong, Dianne Hiles, Ed Mund, Pamela Curr, Rosie Scott, Steve Biddulph, Frederika Steen, Julie Shiels, Virginia Walker, Nola Naarman, Lyn Bender, Jessica Perini, Sarah Mares, Kerrie Lee, Kerry Millard, Phil Somerville, Hinze, Cathy Wilcox, Andrew Weldon, Peter Nicholson, Alan Moir, Andrew Weldon, Judith Rodriguez, Ron Tandberg, John Fry, Fiona Katauskas

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About the publication Sarah Mares and Louise Newman (eds), Acting From the Heart (2007): This book is now out of print, and we no longer supply it to our members or to the wider public. We suggest you could search for online second-hand bookshops to secure your copy.

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