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  Philip Ruddock's Welcome to boatpeople

I stopped the boats, said J Winston BSM

A monologue by James Redknapp

"I stopped the boats. Yes, it was I - not Peter, Philip, Amanda or any of those other obsequious sycophants who surround me. Not even the Navy, the Bureaucracy, the Coast Guard, Beazley or Hanson ... it was only me, Winston. I kept the faith ... and did my bit to turn the clock back ... to pre-March 1966 Australia."

(Oh, those halcyon days before Hubert Opermann's announcement)

"My place in history is now assured. When the inevitable statues will be built, all over the boundless plains of this Island Continent, they will surely have these immortal words on each base - "He stopped the Boats!" If it was ancient Egypt, they'd erect a few Obelisks too, to list all my other accomplishments. Since I have taken credit for stopping the boats, I can also take credit for all of these other achievements as well. They could be considered as ribbons ... to decorate my Boat Stopping Medal!"

  • James Redknapp, I stopped the Boats - A four-page document about the enormous achievements of Australian Grand Leader J Winston BSM for printing and distribution ... (PDF File 62 Kb)

I stopped the boats

by James Redknapp
September 2004

For the benefit of future scribes, and for posterity, I describe some of these 'ribbons' below.

  • I made use of words such as 'crisis', 'border protection', 'tough on refugees', 'queue jumpers', 'we shall decide who comes into this country'... to create a politically motivated, racially discriminatory, imprisonment system for 'certain types' of asylum seekers.

  • Launched a 'war mentality' in Australians against thousands of innocent people, since I believe that "war plays a pivotal role in defining the Australian National Character".

  • Institutionalized secrecy & used political pressure on defense personnel and public officials, so that the process whereby Australia treats people who seek its protection was turned into a 'National Security' issue.

  • Brought about the silence of Ministers and MPs within the Ruling Coalition Political parties on the issue of indefinite incarceration of innocent people for electoral gain.

  • Instilled fear and silence into the hearts and minds of public servants who had to operate the politically driven indefinite detention system in Australia.

  • Instituted a race/religion based system of detention which will always be safely camouflaged, since no Boat people are from ethnic groups which are 'just like us'.

  • Violated Australia's obligations to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, continuing to indefinitely imprison many children, safe in the knowledge that these kids 'don't look like ours'.

  • Scapegoated 'those types' of men, women & children successfully, and denigrated them sufficiently, so that the 'One Nation' voter base embraced me warmly to its heart.

  • Stated "I don't want people of that type in Australia" - and the 'smart voters' knew exactly what I meant!

  • Threatened to prosecute Captain Arne Rinnan of the MS Tampa, as a people smuggler, and found to my surprise that he was given the highest civil honor in Norway, hailed by humanitarian organizations and peoples across the globe for following the highest naval traditions, when faced with people in distress at sea.

  • Had children tear-gassed and baton charged at Woomera, by ACM personnel, the company engaged in the business of detention for financial profit.

  • Created a new category of people living in Australia who need an identification Number to be recognized, or simply to receive food, or mail, or even a telephone call.

  • Fostered Fear and Paranoia within Australia, using external events since before the Federal election of 2001, by falsely vilifying asylum seekers who come by boat.

  • Held intercepted boats for many days while in sight of land, while men, women & children were stripped, searched and gassed by overburdened engines, in the heat of the Indian Ocean.

  • Made the name 'MS Tampa' become indelibly linked with Australia, and stain its name for ever.

  • Dispatched the dead body of 28-year-old Fatima Erfani back to Afghanistan, another victim of the Australian system. Her crime - to seek help from Australia while being an Afghan Hazara, and to develop an illness in a detention centre, which dispensed mild non-prescription headache pills.

  • Dispatched Fatima's husband, Ali Reza Erfany and her three children aged 7, 6 and 3 in the same plane that carried her coffin - they watched it lie on the tarmac at Dubai airport for almost 24 hours. The cost to Australian taxpayers - to destroy this simple trusting family - was about $800,000 counting the 65 weeks they were incarcerated. Another battle won - the message was successfully sent back (via a coffin and a destroyed family) to the distant villagers of Afghanistan - 'flee terror if you must, but do not come Down Under!'

  • Smirched the image of Australia, once regarded around the world as a just and freedom loving country.

  • Delayed the release of people if the courts so ordered, by mounting appeals to higher courts using unlimited public funds.

  • Took Australia back full circle, by successfully arguing in the High Court, that innocent people should be incarcerated for the "Term of their Natural Life" - similar to those who were first transported here 200 years ago!

  • Deported people to a dictatorial regime described as being part of the "Axis of Evil", and made an ultra-secret Memorandum of Understanding with the same!

  • Created a Second Class citizen category in Australia - the only advanced country who does so - by issuing a TPV and asking the accepted refugee to reprove their claims after 3 years.

  • Reduced Australia's offshore refugee intake by blaming "Queue jumpers".

  • Deported hundreds of asylum seekers to unknown fates, claiming that their safety was not Australia's responsibility.

  • Adopted midnight decrees in parliament so that Australia's islands are deemed to not be Australian territory for Immigration purposes.

  • 'Easter, Christmas & New Year' - gave a new connotation to these holidays in Australia - they now bring to mind protests and fires raging in desert detention camps ... and of newswires humming this News to all parts of the world.

  • Had a boat of 14 Turkish Kurds towed away by Naval forces, after they had landed on Melville Island and asked for asylum (denied this at the time of occurrence ... of course!).

  • Had hospital areas declared as Immigration Centres and instilled fear in Hospital staff to obtain their secrecy.

  • Had motels and private homes decreed as Detention Centres.

  • Diverted millions of dollars of public funds, to build detention camps with high tech state of the art incarceration facilities, in remote areas of Australia.

  • Instituted Stainless Steel Solitary Confinement Cells -called "Management Units"- inside high tech detection facilities, so that the traumatized and despairing could be manhandled by guards and deposited in these places, and continuously monitored while in the toilet and shower, by guards watching video-cameras.

  • Built 'home detention camps' so that women and children could be separated from husbands and fathers, and then declared as "to not be in detention".

  • Contracted out the imprisonment of those who had the audacity to seek protection in Australia, to companies owned by multi-national companies, which specialize in incarcerating people for profit.

  • Kept imprisoned on remote and poorest Islands, all those who sought safety in Australia from the tortures of the Taliban regime and the Saddam Hussein regime.

  • Used Naval resources and high tech monitoring & surveillance equipment, to stop the "advanced tactical high speed sea craft" used by desperate people with vast wealth at their disposal.

  • No Australian air or sea craft could find the location of the SIEV X, as its human cargo sank beneath the waves ... gurgling & swallowing diesel oil ... 146 children, 142 women, and 75 men all drowned on 19 October 2001. This was the most important incident, which stopped all boats setting out from Indonesia. Truly it may be said, "This was my finest hour".

  • Refused to grant permanent protection to the few desperate survivors of SIEV X - even those who lost all their family in this maritime incident (some may call it a 'disaster' - but it heralded my sweetest win).

  • Stated confidently to Australia and the world that SIEV X sank in Indonesian waters and was therefore not Australia's responsibility - although it was soon revealed that the boat sank in the zone, patrolled daily by Australia's P3 Orion spy planes.

  • Masterminded the Pacific Solution - it was anything but 'Pacific', and involved a massive show of force using highly trained military personnel! It also involved billions of dollars of taxpayer funds, diverted from other urgent needs of the Australian people.

  • Solving problems is the leader's responsibility - the clever leader specially uses a solution that appeals to the basest instincts of human beings. The past two years have shown, that I have successfully devised "a Final Solution" - the Australian mainland will now be safe from "these kinds of people".

  • Immigration Authorities in Australia are being used to round up Visa over-stayers - but of course mainly those who are from ethnic stock, which were not considered as 'mainstream' before the March 1966 announcement.

  • Created a new genre of literature for Australians to read so that the legacy of 'My Struggle' - to make Australia safe, (which has now lasted over a Thousand days, since 26th August 2001) will be preserved for all time. Some of the book titles in this genre are: Dark Victory, Dark Dreams, From Nothing to Zero, Desert Sorrow, A Certain Maritime Incident, Another Country, Walk in my shoes...

  • Brought forth thousands of songs, paintings, poems, essays, letters and other cries from the hearts of suffering humanity - all imprisoned in the multi-billion dollar Australian Detention system, during the past 3 years.

  • Espoused the view that vilification of those who are vulnerable is quite acceptable, as it is only 'free speech'.

  • Contracted out the Australian Government's Duty of Care of the vulnerable, and thereby happily continue to avoid responsibility for the traumatization, suffering and mental breakdown of many.

  • Vilified and cast doubts on the honor of public officials who dared question the government version of accounts with regards to events relevant to the beginning of my campaign to stop the boats.

  • Took away the hopes and dreams of children, subjecting them to traumatic experiences - so that I could send a message to people smugglers.

  • Prevented the unification of fathers and their families, inside and outside Australia.

  • Said that we'd Never Ever unite two motherless kids with their father, Ibrahim al Sammaki, who was indefinitely imprisoned in Baxter - insisting that Iran or Indonesia accept them.

  • Unknowingly posed for a photograph with the two Al Sammaki children. Upon hearing of my blunder, reversed all previous arguments against Ibrahim's release, immediately ordering a Protection Visa for him and kids - and thereby negated the photo's electoral liability! (am I a Politician, or what?!)

  • Drove a stake into Australia's Red heart - imprisoning thousands of Afghanis in South Australia, in lands where the GHAN train - named in honor of Afghan ties with Australia - runs to this day.

  • Erased the previous "Fair Go" image of Australia, and gave the outside world a new symbol of the Australian welcoming spirit - Electrified Power fenced & flood lit Prison Camps in distant desert locations.

  • Justified imprisoning innocent people indefinitely for years, so that "a message could be sent" to unknown criminals in unknown places.

  • Used the Australian Federal Police and agents of ASIO, to finance and carry out 'secret business' with People smugglers in Indonesia, and engage in "upstream disruption".

  • Introduced laws so that any refugee who spends more than 7 days in another country while enroute to Australia, may be denied permanent residence.

  • While condemning brutal regimes in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan & Nigeria, continued to incarcerate those who fled atrocities there, and even deported some asylum seekers back to the same!

  • Prevented giving of evidence by Federal personnel to inquiries run by elected representatives of the Australian people.

  • Contracted out the supervised & monitored descent into madness of many innocent people.

  • Imprisoned Alladin Sisalem on Manus Island for 300 days, kept there as sole prisoner, costing the Australian public a staggering $6.9 Million!

  • Spent $500,000 per day in the world's only system of mandatory indefinite imprisonment of children.

  • Made stirring speeches to defend our native soil against invaders, mobilized the Naval & Air arms of the Australian Defence Force, to ensure - 'we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, that we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be'.

  • Banned all journalists from visiting places of human suffering, operated by others on behalf of my Government.

  • Stated proudly that "They shall not set foot on Australian Soil" - whipping up paranoia and fear among the ignorant, and 3 years later quietly allowed many of "them" to land in Australia after suffering, despair and wasted lives spent in the islands of my pacific solution.

  • Allowed unaccompanied minors to be locked away in detention centers together with adults, by debating their age for many years. Once they finally reached the age of 18, their previous minor status was accepted as having been originally correct! (Elementary, my dear Philip!).

  • Have been able to fool some of the people all of the time, since 26th August 2001, by appealing to their basest instincts, which are perfectly in tune with my own!

  • Found the way to destroy the soul of a Nation -so easy to do when one uses fear and loathing, suspicion and ill will, innuendo and deceit ... and above all by passing the buck, when unpleasant facts were heading my way!

  • Redefined the meaning of 'Liberal' - once described as 'generous', 'not prejudiced', 'favouring individual liberty' in the Oxford English Dictionary; it now means quite the opposite in Australia, in the language that many of my adoring followers use - 'Liberal Speak'!

  • Condemned the views of former diplomats, military personnel, doctors and other professionals who have served this Nation faithfully, since they expose the fraudulent basis for many of my statements and actions during the past thousand days.

  • Breached Australia's International obligations, violating the very charters it had helped to draft in the early years of the United Nations.

  • Disregarded and denigrated reports made by Parliamentary Committees and Human rights organizations, which had actually visited Australian Detention Centres, and seen what goes on in these places.

  • Incorporated into Government Policy, the One Nation Party's calls for the following: Temporary Protection Visa system, Use of the Australian Defence forces against helpless boat people, "a say in who comes into my country"...

  • Ignored reports from psychiatrists and professionals caring for the young which pointed out the trauma and mental harm being done to children in Australia's detention camps.

  • Continued extensive punitive practices in specially equipped & designed punishment cell blocks at Baxter IDF, although emphasizing that Australia has only "Administrative Detention" facilities!

  • Instituted the unparalleled & bizarre practice of billing refugees for detaining them, at rates varying from $111 to $725 per day in Australian run detention camps.

  • Continued 'Liberal Speak' claiming "only one child was in detention in Australia" in July 2004, when the figure was actually closer to one hundred!

  • Denied funding support of any kind to certain visa categories, so that they had to totally rely on groups such as Circle of Friends, Hotham Mission, Centacare to raise millions of dollars from the Australian public, and then condemned these people, with support of 'shock jock' radio hosts, "as bleeding heart, do-gooders".

  • Created an upsurge around Australia from August 2004 onwards, of Aussies disgusted with lies and deceit, which saw many communities spontaneously organize events such as Rally for Truth, National Day of Shame, Stand with Us, National Weekend of Action, Big Australian Barbecue, Global Carnival Forum, Picnic for Refugees...

  • Ensured that six Iraqi women and their children languishing in Nauru for many years, could not join their husbands and fathers in Australia, so that they all had to go away, to begin new lives ... in New Zealand!

  • Provided future generations of Australians with name places already firmly implanted into Australia's Historical record by 2004 - Villawood, Port Hedland, Baxter, Curtin, Woomera, Maribyrnong...

  • Emphasized that Truth does not matter, and deceit and falsehood are acceptable if the events occurred three years ago, and Australia should now "move on".

  • For two years continued the charade that ."Detention was not punitive, and not a deterrent", until beginning to boast, from 2003, that the policy of traumatizing innocent people is an effective and acceptable deterrent.

  • My detention policies received acclaim by the famed French humanitarian, Jean Marie le Pen in 2002.

  • Gave rise to the birth of numerous organizations all around Australia, since late 2001 - Rural Australians for Refugees, A Just Australia, Refugee Action Committee, Chilout, Project SafeCom, Hope Caravan...

  • Deported people to Iran, to have them disappear into Evin Prison, or to be intercepted in UAE by Iranian secret agents and never be seen again.

  • Paid out $41,000 per day, from the Australian taxpayer, to the bankrupt government of Nauru, so that they could imprison helpless people indefinitely, to ensure my political 'life extension'.

  • Offered people $2000 so that they could go back to Afghanistan, when the all the world knew about the non-existent law & order situation there.

  • Deported Alvaro Moralez to Colombia where he was executed soon afterwards near his mother's apartment in Bogota; deported Ahab Bilal to Pakistan in June 2002 where he was murdered 2 months later.

  • Sent letters to Afghani TPV holders in early 2003, about their likely forced return home, compelling Doctor Habibullah Wahedy to take the ultimate step of shimmying up a power pole in Murray Bridge using a car seat belt around his waist, and hang himself from the power lines.

It is clear, from the above decorations, that I am Australia's greatest ever 'wartime' leader. I have done all I can to change the soppy image of a sunburnt Lucky Country peopled by warm-hearted folk from many cultures. Now we are known for our cold, calculated decisions made by 'Men of Steel'.

The misguided minority in Australia, who rant & rave about humanity, values, Truth, the brotherhood of all mankind! ... will I am sure, be of minor significance when election day dawns. My supporters in the 'mainstream', who have absolute TRUST in me, will ensure I triumph again.

I can then continue on the path to purge this Nation of its very heart and soul, so that "this commonwealth of ours, will be renowned of all the lands!"

J Winston, BSM

Project SafeCom