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  linking Sites: an essential element of online community

Welcome to the Travelers Page for

the "End Mandatory Detention For Refugees Web Ring

What is a Web Ring?

Have a look at the image below. There are several phrases on it, such as "Next" and "Previous". These phrases are 'linked' with a hyperlink. When you click on them, you travel to the Next or Previous Site in this Ring of Web Sites.

A 'Web Ring' or 'Webring' is a linking mechanism between website about the same topic or websites promoting a similar cause or social issue. There are hundreds of thousands of different Rings around the internet - it's a big place. You can travel to the website of James S Huggins here to learn a lot more about Web Rings. James S Huggins has been a good friend of Project SafeCom and its co-ordinator Jack since 1997.

Can your website join this Ring?

(Update January 2009:) Our sincere apologies, you can no longer join this Web Ring, because the owner who started this Ring no longer has a current website. We've left the Ring image below in place as a marker for "lost travellers" who travel around the Ring.

End Mandatory Detention For Refugees Web Ring

Project SafeCom