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Kidz Privacy

Project SafeCom's Kidz Privacy page

Hi there,

This is a page that explains some things about young people, privacy and the internet. There's no need to worry, actually, the resources and websites linked off this page are quite fun to visit and read.

They're all about the COPPA legislation, which is an American law that helps to make the internet safer for young people.

Are you younger than 18 years of age?

COPPA legislation

Safe surfing for Kidz

This is a notice for children younger than 13 years of age who want to become members. We do NOT collect personal information without your consent. This COPPA Notice is posted here to make you aware of the legislation in force in the USA; we are in Australia, but we support this legislation. So if you're under 13 years of age, you need permission from your parents to become a member. (Ask them to send us a message by using the "contact us" page - see the menu). That's also the reason we have the round 'bullet' boxes below in the form, to tick your age, when you apply for membership. You can visit the Kidz Section of the people who made this legislation by clicking HERE.

"Visitors under 13 years of age are warned and made aware of our COPPA compliance." Note: COPPA stands for Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

"Trying to stop pre-teens from using the Web is like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall" - it's becoming a famous phrase. Read the source here.

14 or 15 year old?

In addition to the Coppa Compliance, we also need confirmation for the membership application from a parent or guardian for people who are 14 and 15 years old. If you are 14 or 15 years old, and you don't want to do that, please send us a message before or after you have processed your application, so we know you want to be exempted from that.

16 or 17 year old?

You don't need any parental approval for your membership, but under the Australian Corporations Act, you need to be "of adult age" to become a full member. So, for your age category, you will become an Associate Member, just like people who live outside Australia. If you're already an Associate Member, let us know when you have a birthday: we'd like to know, and we'll also "upgrade" your membership!