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Thanks for your Membership application

From all of us at Project SafeCom, a warm thank-you for completing your Application for Membership of Project SafeCom. You have just become a participant in the future of the Project. It is through the building of our community that we at Project SafeCom survive.


One of the aspects of the Constitution safeguards Project SafeCom from "membership stacking". Membership stacking is something akin to "branch-stacking" in political parties. The Constitution prevents you from being a full and eligible membership until the Steering Committee, at its next meeting, has taken note of your membership application, and considers that you are a membership applicant "in good faith". You will then gain all rights as a member, also the right to vote at meetings. Generally, this also means that there's a cooling-off period before new members are fully accepted as members.

Some other pages in this section:

6 September 2005: The Tipping Model for business - Robert Woodhead proposes a tried-and-tested method for providing compensation - the offering and acceptance of tips - and provides an example of a successful internet business using this model.

20 January 2002: Project SafeCom Membership information, what is a Membership? - Every officially Incorporated Association has a body of members. The members help decide on issues in the running and management, and they support the Association. This is one of our older pages, updated in 2006.

7 December 2001: Kidz Privacy: Are you younger than 18 years of age? - a page about the US COPPA legislation. Although this is a relatively short page, hardly ever seen, it's linked off the membership application page, and it's about children's privacy and how Project SafeCom deals with it.

7 December 2001: Information sheet and guidelines for incorporation - The "official" part of forming a Corporation is about complying with the legislation and getting to know the legislation. Luckily the Department of Fair Trading has a lot of online resources, and we happily confess....

Your payment options

Here's the summary again of how you can pay your membership fees, starting with the table of annual fees:

Membership Payment Schedule
(annual period is from July 1 to June 30)
your fees
Membership fees for One Year $30.00
Membership fees for Two Years (paid in advance) $55.00
Any-time 'late' application
(until 30/06 next year)
Applications in June - September
(until 30/06 next year)
membership for remaining year + second full year
Applications paid in April - May
(remainder of year plus one full year)
Applications paid in January - March
(remainder of year plus one full year)
Applications paid in October - December
(remainder of year plus one full year)

You can pay your membership fees in one of the following ways:

by money transfer

Transfer your funds to our account at Bendigo Community Bank Fremantle, BSB Number 633-000. Account name: Project SafeCom Inc., account 115643900. NOTE: please contact us to confirm your direct transfer, quoting amount and date of your payment, that it's for your membership.

IMPORTANT: When you're paying through a direct bank transfer into our account, please ensure that the first words in the description or comment section of the transaction are your surname, then your first name or city/town. This avoids confusion about the identity of the payment.

by cheque or money order

Cheques need to be made out to Project SafeCom Inc., and need to be sent to:

Project SafeCom Inc.
Membership Officer
PO Box 364
Western Australia 6312

Please include a note with the following details:

1. Your name, phone number, email and postal address;
2. clarification that the payment is to cover your membership.

Credit Card payments using PayPal

PayPalProject SafeCom has an online credit card transaction agreement with PayPal. To pay for your membership, simply click on the MEMBERSHIP button below to start your payment into our PayPal account, using your credit card.

BBB-OnlinePayPal's Australian Privacy Policy applies to Australian users of the PayPal Service.

PayPal Inc. is a Certified Participant of the BBBOnLine® Privacy Program.

To make your payment, simply click on the "MEMBERSHIP" button below. Just under the button you'll find the table of fees - for renewing your membership the annual fees are set at $30 per year or $55 for two years. Enter the appropriate amount in the space provided at the PayPal website after you click the button.

The membership mail-out

The Project SafeCom membership ID Card

As soon as we have completed our administrative process, you will receive your Membership ID Card with your details imprinted and your unique membership number. This is the card that identifies you as a registered member of our organisation. (Note: our earlier intent to enable your name and membership ID to function as a log-in to the members section of the website was not implemented)

Project SafeCom members' CD

You will also receive small (80mm) CD-ROM that opens on your PC with some Project SafeCom documents. Updated information about your privileges as a member will be sent to you as and when applicable.

From time to time the contents of our membership benefits package may change. Also, we need you to know, that the postal package, for financial reasons, is a once-off only "snail mail" mailout, unless you request "snail mail only" mailings.

At Project SafeCom Inc. we prefer electronic communication with you. Please inform us as soon as possible if your email address changes!

So, keep an eye on the mailman at your house: he will be delivering "goodies" soon from us!

Thanks for your Support!

If you have any further questions about memberships, just visit this page to send us a message.

Project SafeCom