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  Fr Frank Brennan, Tampering with Asylum

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A Universal Humanitarian Problem

A Comparative Study of Australia's Response to the First World Challenge of Protecting Asylum Seekers and National Borders

"With the Howard Government's revelation that 90% of the unauthorised boat arrivals in recent years have been proved to be refugees, it is timely to reassess the harsh measures instituted to process these people who were labelled as unlawful queue jumpers.

Father Frank Brennan, Jesuit lawyer and human rights advocate, does so in his new book, Tampering with Asylum: A Universal Humanitarian Problem.

The book compares Australia's dramatic over-reaction in closing its national borders to the Tampa's human cargo with the response of the United States and Europe, and offers a practical blueprint for countries wanting to humanely protect asylum seekers."


Title: Tampering with Asylum
Subtitle: A Universal Humanitarian Problem
Author: Fr Frank Brennan
Publisher: University of Queensland Press
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 227 x 152 x 17mm
Volume: 230 pages
Publication Date: 6 November 2003
Subject Category: NON-FICTION

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