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The Project SafeCom News and Updates Newsletter

The Project SafeCom News and Updates


About the Project SafeCom News and Updates

Our weekly News and Updates have kept hundreds of human rights advocates, refugee rights activists, lawyers, migration agents, politicians and many of our members and supporters informed about the state of affairs around Australia since the Tampa Affair in 2001.

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16 February 2015: Weekly News and Updates: Sample newsletters - A page with sample newsletters, from 2015 onwards, from the renowned Project SafeCom News and Updates, published since 2002.

9 January 2009: Broadcasting our news alerts - In August 2002 we sent our first and eleborate News alert, followed by another one in November that year. We repeated the initiative when country-wide outrage erupted as a result of the Anti-terrorism Bill 2005. From 2009, after the creation of our new database platform by David Coulter, we've started to use the pure HTML News alerts again to broadcast our news and progress periodically.

15 May 2006: From the Boondocks of Narrogin to the WACOSS Conference - The paper 'Having a finger in the pie in Canberra from the boondocks in Narrogin' as well as 'Working with the issue of Fear and Public Policy' were Project SafeCom's two deliveries to the peak body's conference.

30 March 2006: Our Newsletter Survey: What you told us - In March 2006 we conducted a Poll amongst the subscribers to our highly regarded Project SafeCom News and Updates. This page outlines and analyses the results of that survey.

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