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Our broadcast news alerts

Our stored HTML newsletters and action alerts

Very early on in the life of Project SafeCom we issued and broadcast compilations of News items in the form of emailed HTML Newsletters and alerts: in August 2002 we sent our first and eleborate News item to all our supporters and colleagues, followed by another one in November that year. We repeated the initiative when nationwide outrage erupted as a result of the Anti-terrorism Bill 2005.

Because of the work involved in the creation and compilation of those early Newsletters, we couldn't keep up the work associated with them, but from 2009, after the creation of our new database platform we've started to use the pure HTML News alerts again to broadcast our news and progress periodically.

Below are the links that open all the newsletters and action alert sent in this way.

Our Other Newsletter

Don't confuse the news alerts linked off this page with the Project SafeCom News and Updates. Our renowned Updates is a subscription-based service, and here's the link to the subscription page - please try it!

The Project SafeCom News Bulletin

Recent News alerts and bulletins

Older News alerts and bulletins

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