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Membership information

What is a Membership?

Every officially Incorporated Association has a body of members. The members help decide on issues in the running and management, and they support the Association.

Project SafeCom became incorporated on December 7, 2001. It's now officially called Project SafeCom Inc. You can see the Certificate by clicking here.

An Association which exists as a non-profit organisation, needs the help of its members: they often contribute to some financial capacity, they sometimes assist in voluntary activities, but most of all, they declare and proclaim their support for the Association through their membership.

Full Membership

Full Members of an Association can attend general meetings and the "Annual General Meeting" of the Association, and they also have the power of a vote if they attend those meetings and decisions are made. In this way they have a certain "ownership" of the Association. The rights and obligations of Membership are further explained in the section on Membership in the Rules of Association.

Associate Membership

Associate Members are very much like Full Members, with the exception that they cannot vote when decisions are made in meetings. There is a section about Associate Membership in the Rules of Association. Associate Membership at Project SafeCom is designed for people

  1. who are under 18 years of age, but who really want to be Members of Project SafeCom;
  2. who do not live in Australia but who want to be Members of Project SafeCom;

Because Associate members have no power of voting, Project SafeCom does different things as an "extra" for Associate members from time to time; they may receive special discount tickets for certain events. Associate members will be notified of these special things.

Corporate Membership

Organisations who want to become members of Project SafeCom, can do that; for them there is a Corporate membership, and some special voting rules for Corporate members are explained in Section 19 of the Rules of Association. These rules accommodate a Corporate membership so that an organisation can send - delegate - different people amongst their staff to important meetings of the Association.

What you get as a member

Membership fees are for the duration of one financial year: from July 1 to June 30, in any year. The fees cover the cost of the Project SafeCom Newsletters, while we also provide online access to member-only documentation.

The Project SafeCom membership ID Card

As soon as we have completed our administrative process, you will receive your Membership ID Card with your details imprinted and your unique membership number. This is the card that identifies you as a registered member of our organisation. (Note: our earlier intent to enable your name and membership ID to function as a log-in to the members section of the website was not implemented)

Project SafeCom members' CD

You will also receive small (80mm) CD-ROM that opens on your PC with some Project SafeCom documents. Updated information about your privileges as a member will be sent to you as and when applicable.

From time to time the contents of our membership benefits package may change. Also, we need you to know, that the postal package, for financial reasons, is a once-off only "snail mail" mailout, unless you request "snail mail only" mailings.

Open the Membership Application page!

Living within Australia

If you live in Australia, you're eligible for Full Membership after approval by the Board of Management. Of course you qualify for all other Member privileges, such as the ID Card, a discount in our online shop, or other arrangements we have in place.

And within Australia you will at times have the opportunity of staying with us at the Project SafeCom house (if it's available) when you're at one of our events or members' meetings in Western Australia.

Living outside Australia

If you live outside Australia, you can become an Associate Member. While you probably would not come to attend any of our meetings, you have influence through writing to us, suggesting things, and your messages or advice will be taken very seriously by us.

All year round sunshine in Australia
Sydney Opera House

But, if you're one of our members, and you'd like to visit Australia - especially if you're also wanting to visit Western Australia, let us know: we'd like to help, and perhaps visiting Project SafeCom might become part of your planning, booking and researching for your Australian holiday or visit.

Converting your Currency

Ahhh - you're not from the USA, right? You're not even from Australia, but you live in Tuvalu, or Liechtenstein, or Trinidad and Tobago...

No problem. We have an instant Currency Converter. And in case you think, that the stock market values may just have changed, rest assured: the value of the currencies are automatically updated every five minutes... So: just click on the button "Show me!" and the Converter pops up.

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Annual membership fees

Membership Payment Schedule
(annual period is from July 1 to June 30)
your fees
Membership fees for One Year $30.00
Membership fees for Two Years (paid in advance) $55.00
Any-time 'late' application
(until 30/06 next year)
Applications in June - September
(until 30/06 next year)
membership for remaining year + second full year
Applications paid in April - May
(remainder of year plus one full year)
Applications paid in January - March
(remainder of year plus one full year)
Applications paid in October - December
(remainder of year plus one full year)

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