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  Phil Sparrow, From Under a Leaky Roof

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From Under a Leaky Roof

Afghan refugees in Australia

by Phil Sparrow

"He ran out from under a leaky roof and found himself in the rain" -An Afghan proverb.

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Afghan refugees. Asylum seekers. Detainees.

Who are the men and women, the mothers, fathers and children, behind the news headlines and the politics, where are they from, and what really happens to them here in Australia?

Philip Sparrow, an experienced UN aid worker, has talked with the people themselves, and tells their stories, of life in Afghanistan, of their journey to Australia, and of their experiences of detention and trying to start a new life in a new country. [Source]

From Under A Leaky Roof traces the journey of many Afghan refugees currently living in Australia. Based on interviews with refugees and the people who work with them the book details common experiences of discrimination and persecution which led them to flee their homes, the despair of detention in Australia and the fear and uncertainty when they try to start their new lives in the Australian community.

Title: From Under a Leaky Roof
Subtitle: Afghan refugees in Australia
Author: Phil Sparrow
Publisher: Fremantle, Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Publication Date: 2005
Details: 160 pages
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 1 92106 436 6
Price: $24.95 (includes GST)
Category: Non-Fiction

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About the publication Phil Sparrow, From Under a Leaky Roof (2005): This book is now out of stock, and we no longer supply it to our members or to the wider public. We suggest you could search for online new or second-hand bookshops to secure your copy.

Informed and compassionate, From Under A Leaky Roof makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the refugee experience. It also highlights why we need to develop a more humane approach to those people unfortunate enough to be forced from their homes. [Source]

From Under A Leaky Roof traces the journey ... from discrimination and persecution under the Soviet, Mujahideen and Taliban regimes to the incarceration, and discrimination they now experience in Australia. Philip Sparrow, a UN aid-worker, suggests more durable and humane approaches which should be adopted for those who have been forced from their homes. [Source]

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