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  The Cover of Holiday Camp: How is your liberation bound up with mine?

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How is your liberation bound up with mine?

Holiday Camp is a 45 minutes documentary, which investigates the current Australian immigration policies in the context of 200 years of colonization. It is currently screening throughout Europe. The BORDERPANIC project hosted the Australian premiere in Sydney, on the 11th of September. Holiday Camp connects the issues of indigenous dispossession, genocide, and the incarceration of refugees. It explores the implications of the mandatory detention system and the construction of national borders.


Title: Holiday Camp
Subtitle: How is your liberation bound up with mine?
Producers: Drive-by Shooting, tall storeez productionz
Classification: Documentary
Category: Social issues, Australian, Refugees, Indigenous, Dispossession, Colonisation, Incarceration
Featured: Adelaide/Hamburg 2002
Format: DVD Disk (PAL, Australian)
Copyright: Drive-by Shooting
Distribution: Project SafeCom Inc.
Duration: 47 minutes

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