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  David Corlett's Following Them Home

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Following Them Home

The Fate of the returned asylum seekers

"One of the things that I found that was almost universal was that the implications of Australia's detention policies continued to affect people's lives as they had been returned. People spoke of ongoing sleep difficulties, continuing nightmares, headaches that were persistent. They spoke of, as a result of Australia's asylum seeker policies, of losing their dignity, of having lost their humanity, and they also spoke of being institutionalised in Australia's detention regime."

"There was a couple of instances in Iran of people who had been sent back with documents that put them at risk, and they were interrogated as a result of those documents. So there were different experiences of returnees, depending on where they came from, where they were returned to." (author David Corlett on "The Law Report", transcript below)


Title: Following Them Home
Subtitle: The Fate of the Returned Asylum Seekers
Author: David Corlett
Foreword: Prof Robert Manne, LaTrobe University
Publisher: Black Inc books
Date: July 2005
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 097 507 6965
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 232 x 155 x 15mm

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About the publication David Corlett, Following Them Home: The Fate of the Returned Asylum Seekers (2005): This book is now out of stock, and we no longer supply it to our members or to the wider public. We suggest you could search for online new or second-hand bookshops to secure your copy.

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