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The Refugee Day Quiz

A quiz for Aussie Politicians

Dear Member of State or Federal Parliament & Houses of Review,

This is the Project SafeCom 2003 World Refugee Day Aussie Tourist Quiz, initially compiled for tourists and backpackers visiting Australia. It forms part of our "Airport Action", alerting visitors to Australia about the state of affairs within Australia in relation to its treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.

In the introduction to that version of our quiz, we welcome visitors to Australia in the following way:

"Welcome to our beautiful country 'Down Under', the great country of Australia that people talk about all over the world ... We're proud of our vast country, where, according to our National Anthem, we "have boundless plains to share".

We hope you enjoy your stay, we hope you see all the things we're famous for - such as our kangaroos (Seen any yet? There're everywhere!), the many wonders of Western Australia's vast outback, the obligatory trip to the North-West, your trip to "the Outback", and we hope you'll be "going bush" in safety."

Only for politicians

The quiz is only open to overseas visitors to Australia, and the special version on this page is only open to sitting Australian politicians like yourself.

You need to complete the Quiz yourself - the work cannot be completed by a staffer or your electorate officer. We trust you will see to this.

The 2003 World Refugee Day Aussie Tourist Quiz

On June 21 it's World Refugee Day again - and we invite you to participate in this event in Australia. At Project SafeCom we're inviting you to our Prize Winning Competition: all visitors to Australia who are from other countries are eligible to enter the competition by answering the questions in this Refugee Day Quiz, and the special version on this page is only open to sitting Australian politicians like yourself.

Three of the winning entries (all answers must be correct) will be drawn from a barrel on Refugee Day, and they will receive a prize from our online shop. Choose and tick one box next to each question, and you must complete all questions.

Conditions of Entry

The Quiz, as it was (and the answers!)

The 2003 World Refugee Day Aussie Tourist Quiz

1. Which country imprisons all asylum seekers who do not arrive by "official means" like aircraft - indefinitely, without any court ordering to do so, regardless of how credible their asylum claims are, and regardless of how 'proven' the torture or oppression of their country of origin is - such as Iraq under Saddam Hussein - since 1993?
Sierra Leone
2. In which country are asylum seeker babies and children indefinitely imprisoned in remote maximum security facilities in the desert - including babies born in those detention centres - where the media, the public, Amnesty International and even United Nations representatives are forbidden to enter freely?
3. Which of these Western countries who have signed the United Nations Refugee Convention has the lowest per capita number of asylum seekers who arrive to seek asylum "without asking beforehand"?
Great Britain
4. Which country holds hundreds of people from another country imprisoned in a third country, indefinitely, without criminal charges, on a remote, inhospitable island where the water needs to be imported because it's undrinkable, where everyone lives on canned food because nothing grows in that island nation because its habitat has been polluted by fertilisers, and where that nation's economy is bankrupt because of interference by Western capitalist modes of production?
Iraq under Hussein
5. In 2001, a permanent citizen from this country - a passport holder of this country, set fire to himself on the steps of its National Parliament. This Citizen had previously arrived as a refugee to this country from Pakistan. He set fire to himself because the government of this country refused to allow his daughter to be accepted as a citizen with permanent residency, because she had a physical disability. In which country did this happen?
6. Which country, a signatory country to the United Nations Refugee Convention, claims it's OK when exercising this Convention, to have seven men living as "approved refugees" in its country, while it - at the same time -indefinitely imprisons the wives and children of these men on a remote Island nation, hundreds of miles away from their husbands and fathers, for almost two years, without ever allowing these wives and children to see their partners and father?
7. Which middle eastern country has carried out under its current govt against political dissenters, 120,000 executions on political grounds (victims include pregnant women, elderly women and schoolchildren), had 30,000 political prisoners massacred in 1988, has over 170 forms of physical and psychological torture and has 800,000 persons admitted to jails every year, and has carried out stoning, public hanging, eye gouging, amputation of fingers, hands and legs, beheading, and flogging in public carried out as "punishment", and is said to have "the biggest prison for journalists"?
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
8. Which country, a signatory to the United Nations Refugee Convention, is currently preparing to deport hundreds of asylum seekers to the country described in question seven - causing them all to have become extremely fearful for their lives with very good reason?
North Korea
9. The United Nations Refugee Convention states: "everyone has a right to seek asylum". Seeking asylum is something you do when you have a "well-founded fear for persecution", for example when you're running away from Iraq because Saddam Hussein is after you. What do you think the word "everyone" means in the quote from the UN Convention?
Only with papers
Only with passport
Only if invited
If you have a job
10. Which country has used "disruption agents", working closely with its police force in neighbouring countries to frighten off (deter) and, in at least one tragic case deliberately overload to sinking point, boats carrying asylum seekers attempting to reach its territory?
11. Amnesty International sent a briefing note to a UN Delegation in June 2002, stating that an Assyrian Christian Iranian refugee, imprisoned in this country for threats to kill someone while he suffered from severe paranoid schizophrenia at the time - a sentence of 2 years .... - who was still in the same prison four years after the period of his sentence had been completed. In which country did this shocking state of affairs develop?
12. Name as many detention centres, both on the mainland and as part of the "Pacific Solution" for asylum seekers under Australia's 'mandatory detention policy' currently in place (and at an exorbitant human cost, we think) as you can think of - You can tick multiple boxes.
Guantanamo Bay
San Quentin
El Alamein
Klong Prem
Robben Island