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  Sally Wearne

Contact The Chair

A contact form for the Project SafeCom chair

Hello, my name is Sally Wearne, and I'm the Committee Chair for Project SafeCom. Below is a contact form and some details about who I am.

What's on this page

While this page is a "contact form", it's also a page where you can notify us via the Chair of your commitment to contribute to our wellbeing with periodical pledges into our bank Account - see the bottom section of the contact form below.

At the 2008 Annual General Meeting, Sally Wearne was elected Chair of the Committee - or Working Group, as we also call it. Here are some details about Sally.

About Sally Wearne

Sally WearneSally Wearne is a Registered Nurse (BScN) and a Midwife, and she has been working in Fremantle Hospital's Cardiology department for the last ten years. In 'times past' she has lived in the UK, Canada and Jamaica over a 15-year period. She is a Council and Executive member of the Australian Nurses Federation (WA Branch).

Sally lives in Fremantle with husband Paul and her 21-year old son Nick and her dog. She has been involved in Fremantle-based community campaigns such as the Leighton Action Coalition, where she is a core group member, as well as the Save Ningaloo and the Coogee Coastal Action Coalition campaigns.

Sally loves books and the beach, family and friends, ballet, theatre, movies, wine, art, new places, music, the dog and interesting people who behave with passion and integrity.

The Contact Form:

The bold blue fields are required, and the bold green fields are optional if you also use this form to send us details about your periodic financial pledge.

Initial(s) and Name:
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Optional: pledge details

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Message to the Chair:

How to make your pledge:

There are several ways you can pay a periodical pledge, but the easiest and best way is to set up a periodic automatic payment with your bank, or by setting this up yourself online through your bank account. If you want to pay us periodically by cheque or by using our PayPal system, you'll have to initiate this payment process every time.

Direct bank transfer into our pledge account

Transfer funds directly into our bank account at Bendigo Community Bank Fremantle, BSB Number 633-000. Account name: Project SafeCom Inc., account number 115643900.

By Money order or cheque

To make your pledge by cheque or money order, you need to consider the following details:

Write your cheque or money order to

Project SafeCom Inc.

Mailing Address:
Project SafeCom - Pledges
P.O. Box 364
Western Australia 6312

Credit Card payments using PayPal

PayPalProject SafeCom has an online credit card transaction agreement with PayPal. Click on the "Pay Your Pledge" button to start your donation payment into our PayPal account using your credit card.

Note: this PayPal payment is not repeating, it is a once-off payment only.

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Four Credit Cards Welcome
Project SafeCom