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    2004 Canberra Parliament House Convergence

For the Record: photographs

Stand up for Refugees

A Rally on the first sitting day of the new Parliament

Tuesday 16 November 2004 in Canberra

On this page, we present twenty-four photos of the Stand up for Refugees Rally on Parliament House on November 16, 2004, the opening day of the new Parliament, elected at the 2004 election, an election which gave the neo-conservative Howard government a majority in the House of Representatives as well as in the Senate.

From the organisers came the statement: "The re-election of the Coalition Government poses an enormous challenge for refugee activists. Yet it is one we must rise to meet."

Consequently, Project SafeCom was there, because we showed we want to be counted!

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24 October 2004: A Canberra Rally: Stand up for Refugees - The re-election of the Coalition Government poses an enormous challenge for refugee activists. Yet it is one we must rise to meet. A page about a rally in Canberra on Tuesday 16 November 2004, the first sitting day of the new Parliament.

13 November 2004: Refugees: ensuring renewed national attention - A massive contingent of refugee advocates, supporters and activists is expected to descend on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra this Tuesday under the theme "Stand Up for Refugees" to make their presence felt during the opening day of the new parliament and the start of a new term of the Howard government.

The Field of Hearts 1
The Field of Hearts 2
The Field of Hearts 3
Assembly in front of the Australian High Court
A contingent marches to the High Court
Leaving from the High Court
Arrival at Parliament House
Gathering the numbers
"Any protest that outnumbers the police is a success" (Bob Brown)
Balloons for Refugees 1
Merlin Luck, Speakers Chair
Balloons for Refugees 2
Merlin Luck
ChilOut Ambassadors
Sam Watson
Bob Brown: "Mr Howard, do not ask God to do what you should do yourself!"
Pensive, attentive crowd
Spotted: 'Peace-Nic' and Kate from Perth
Tony Kevin, with Susan Kinley and friend Peter
Moira Smith 'from Kambah' at the Project SafeCom stall
A silent and determined protester
View from patio level one (towards Old Parliament House, Shrine of Remembrance)
Project SafeCom's Jack Smit and Tony Kevin
Parliament House front entrance
Project SafeCom