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Blog Feeds for Newsreaders

We've joined millions of others around the globe with the establishment of a Blog, or a Web Log, as a forum which combines news with opinion, firstly about refugee issues, but in that also an attempt to create ideas for changing Australia.

This page displays the most recent Blog entries, and links to all Blog items just below that. It also explains some things about the techno-side of News Syndication using RSS Feeds.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

Atom Site Feed Enabled RSS Site Feed Enabled

Hi all

There is a new bit of technology around these days. On many websites you'll find one of the little orange buttons like the ones above - they indicate that you can get a newsfeed of a web site into a program called a 'Newsreader', if you have that program installed on your computer.

A quick search of the web will find many free or inexpensive news readers with various capabilities. There are web-based news readers, that work a bit like your personalised web page (heard of My Yahoo!?), to read the RSS feeds you choose - and there are programs you download to your computer. Try searching for "RSS newsreader" or visit the Google RSS directory.

Once you have downloaded and installed a reader, follow its instructions for adding new channels.

Using Firefox, the new browser

Firefox, the new Internet Explorer Alternative, and it's Free!

If you're one of the millions of people who are sick of Internet Explorer and who are switching to Firefox, the great and free alternative, read this.

Our Blog Feeds are capable of being read by the Firefox' Live Bookmarks. Simply add one of the URL's below, and you'll be automatically tracking updates to our Blog!

This link opens a small HTML page in Firefox with all the Blog titles and summaries:

This link works like a Live Bookmark in Firefox:

This link works in any Newsreader (hotlinked titles only):

This link works in any Newsreader (hotlinked titles AND summaries):

This link brings you to the main Blog page:

Complete list of Blog posts

Below is a list of all posts. Because the blog has now been archived, this is also the complete list of all blog pages.