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  Taking action, light up your fireworks!

Be part of the action!

A note to you, if you don't want to stay silent...

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In Victoria, north of Melbourne...

More than a hundred massive fires destroy and flatten communities...

Many hundreds are dead or injured ...

The word "refugees" is mentioned for those who lost everything in Victoria and who have become 'displaced' people'...

Meanwhile, in Queensland...

A longer flood than ever, a longer spell of rainfall than anyone can remember...

We know what's happening

So do many millions of Australians, and hundreds of climate scientists know what's going on...

But does your government know, or care to admit?

Another Sorry Day goes by

But Kevin Rudd just had one word, the "S" word, while a questionable Northern Territory Intervention keeps chugging along...

We need to adjust the settings in government!

Change the Canberra Climate with us!

We regularly take action by writing to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd or to relevant ministers, direct from our website. Examples of those letter campaigns are

For you to be part of this and get our alerts, we need your email contact.

8-10 campaign emails per year...

Be part of it, take action!

Please join us in 'rolling up your armsleeves' and taking action with us to keep your voice heard by our Federal politicians!

In our rapidly changing country, following major events such as the global financial crisis followed by the massive wildfires in Victoria, in a time where the signposts of global warming are hurrying closer to us, it's vitally important that ordinary citizens link arms and join hands on issues ranging from climate change and Australia's role in combating Global Warming and the urgent demand to reduce carbon pollution, to social justice and human rights issues.

In the last seven years many organisations including Project SafeCom have been instrumental in exerting 'just pressure' on politicians in the area of our treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, the anti-terrorism legislation, Indigenous issues and climate change.

We'll send you around 8-10 campaign emails per year, and on each occasion you will be in control about whether to take action or not, to accept or reject our proposed sentences and paragraphs in our online letter campaigns, and generally, your action does not take you longer than just 5-10 minutes.

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