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  Taking action, light up your fireworks!

Thanks for being part of the action to change the Canberra Climate with us!

We know what's happening

In the last seven years many organisations including Project SafeCom have been instrumental in exerting 'just pressure' on politicians in the area of our treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, the anti-terrorism legislation, Indigenous issues and climate change.

But does your government know, or care to admit?

We'll send you around 8-10 campaign emails per year, and on each occasion you will be in control about whether to take action or not, to accept or reject our proposed sentences and paragraphs in our online letter campaigns, and generally, your action does not take you longer than just 5-10 minutes.

Change the Canberra Climate with us!

We regularly take action by writing to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd or to relevant ministers, direct from our website. Examples of those letter campaigns are

We'll include you from now on in our 'take-action' and promotional campaign emails, around 8-10 times per year.

Thanks for your help!

Project SafeCom